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Room Temperature: Crafting the Ideal Ambiance for Holidays and Home Gatherings

Creating the perfect ambiance for holiday get-togethers and home gatherings is more than just decor and lighting. One often overlooked element that can make or break such memorable moments is none other than room temperature. From welcoming people into your home to the final drink before heading home, it plays an important role in shaping the experience, ensuring comfort and enhancing the overall atmosphere for guests.  


In this article, we delve into the importance of room temperature when crafting the ideal ambiance for special occasions, and how to make your space feel just right, whatever the season or celebration. 

The Importance of Room Temperature in a Welcoming Home 

First impressions count, so creating and maintaining the ideal room temperature in your home for your guests is a must. It isn't just about comfort; it's also about the well-being of occupants, their experience during the gathering, and leaving a positive lasting impression.  


How does temperature impact guests and what temperature do you want to aim for? If only there was a straightforward answer.  


We all have different tolerances to temperature and finding that ideal room temperature that suits everyone is not always simple. Some people get hot and bothered more easily than others. For some, a cool room for the host might feel like a fridge to a guest. There is one thing we have in common, and that is that temperature has an impact on us all.



Drinks with friends in the living room


How room temperature affects the mood of social interactions 


Being too hot, too cold or being in a space feeling “stuffy” can impact the mood of anyone, from babies through to grandparents and even pets. No one likes extreme temperatures; too hot and we can get sweaty and easily irritable, too cold and it’s common to feel sluggish and tired. Add to this a lack of ventilation and air movement, and you’ll be trying to improve the mood of everyone around you.  


Entertaining guests means finding the right temperature for all. Failing to do so will dampen the mood, impact the flow of conversation and, even worse, create an uncomfortable atmosphere.  


However, mood and comfort improve when a room’s ambiance changes from being too hot or cold or stuffy. The sweet spot for temperature is 20-21°C (68-70°F), with the WHO recommending 20°C (68°F) as the threshold. This said, temperature will vary according to location and season, and, of course, personal preference. 

Creating a Cozy Retreat: Air Conditioning for Different Rooms 

Whether it's the tranquility of a bedroom, the vibrancy of the main living space, or the functionality of an entrance hall, striking the right balance of temperature makes every space feel like the right space.  


To help create these comfortable retreats in your home, your Hitachi residential air conditioner can help. Here’s how. 


Living room temperature: designing a comfortable space 


Though the kitchen is often referred to as the heart of the home, many home gatherings take place in the living room. This could be a birthday party, movie night, relaxing after a trek or even where everyone resides after eating a huge meal. Considering all the different scenarios, and the fact that people will be entering and exiting this space, temperature fluctuations could make it difficult to keep everyone comfortable at the same time.  


The recommended living room temperature (and general indoor temperature) by the WHO lies between 18-23°C (64-76°F), always setting your Hitachi AC to the aforementioned 20°C (68°F) as the go to temperature. In colder or hotter climates and seasons, this will need adjusting. 


Adjusting the living room temperature for optimal guest comfort 


To create guest comfort in the moment, Hitachi residential air conditioners can help out, especially during those chilled evenings and movie nights. How? With controllers! For example, the airHome remote controller combines ease of use and aesthetics, to make adjusting the living room temperature no effort at all. Meaning the only time you’ll have to pause the movie is to top up drinks and treats.  


friends around the table during the holiday season 


Maintaining an ideal room temperature for holiday feasts 


Just like guest comfort in the living room, getting the ambiance right for holiday feasts can be tricky. Imagine a typical Christmas meal. You’re sat around the table. More and more plates of hot food are brought out of the kitchen. Everyone sits down to eat. Stories are shared. And before you know it the temperature is rising, and the room feels stuffy.  


Even before reaching for the air conditioner remote control, you’ll want to remember to ventilate the space. This is especially key during gatherings where hot meals are served, adding to the heat generated by guests.


Hitachi residential air conditioners can help. If it’s cold outside, no doubt you’ll opt for a warmer temperature in favor of your guests. However, lowering the temperature by a couple of degrees during the meal will avoid anyone getting too warm and any temperature fluctuations.  


If you want your AC to take care of the temperature for you, AUTO mode will automatically determine the mode of operation (HEAT or COOL) depending on the temperature of the room. 


Setting an optimal bedroom temperature for restful nights


If you have guests staying over, no doubt you’ll want them to sleep soundly. Achieving a restful night's sleep is influenced by many factors, including, you guessed it, temperature. For adults, the optimal bedroom temperature is 18°C (65°F), whereas for babies and young children 20-21°C (68-70°F) is recommended, and slightly higher for most elderly people.   


Taking a slightly deeper dive, sleep is governed by the circadian rhythm, which is influenced by environmental factors. As bedtime approaches, the core body temperature drops, signaling the body's readiness for rest. This temperature drop is aided by the vasodilation process, which lowers core body temperature by increasing blood flow to the hands and feet.


Overly warm or cold bedrooms can hinder the body's natural thermoregulation, leading to restlessness, reduced sleep quality, and even sleep disruptions. The SleepSense function found on models within the Hitachi residential air conditioner range automatically adjusts the AC’s temperature once it detects you’re sleeping, preventing the room becoming too hot or too cold for the best sleep possible. A great way of taking care of guest comfort without much effort.

Maximizing Energy Efficiency While Keeping Guests Comfortable 

There are many ways that a host can create efficient indoor comfort by combining common tips and tricks with today’s latest technology. Here’s a look at how.


Implementing energy-saving practices during holiday celebrations 


Whether you live in warmer or cooler climates, there are a variety of simple actions that can be taken to improve or maintain your home’s temperature for longer or your home’s efficiency. 


Seal any gaps and cracks: Perhaps not the easiest tip on the list, but if outdoor air is able to seep into your home, it also means heat is escaping. By sealing any gaps and cracks in doors, windows and walls, it’ll be easier to maintain and control indoor temperatures.

  • Limit leaving appliances on standby: Using smart plugs or timers, or unplugging these appliances won’t only save you money, but also reduce extra heat being generated by them.
  • Stay informed about peak hours: Being aware of and minimizing heavy electricity usage during peak hours can be a significant cost-saver, given that electricity tends to be more expensive during these times. 
  • In cooler climates, dress warmly indoors: Rather than turning up the temperature, using warm clothing and blankets are the ideal alternative and comforting too. 
  • In warmer climates, wear lighter fabrics: Just as layers will help in cooler climates, by selecting lighter fabrics that allow movement, you and your guests will feel cooler without having to drop the degrees on the AC. 
  • Controllers and smart apps: Not only do they make operating your AC easy, but these also come with various features designed to make the AC adapt to your routine, even for your gathering. 

Using these actions in climate-controlled rooms that are fitted with ACs that have the latest technology will further improve the energy efficient comfort of your home. For example, within the Hitachi residential air conditioner range, you can find: 

  • airCloud Go app: This app for Hitachi residential air conditioners allows you to control your Hitachi AC on the go, anytime, anywhere. Allowing you to remotely monitor your home’s AC and keep an eye on whether or not an efficient setting is being used or not. 
  • Smart-Fence: Through the airCloud Go app, link your AC to your phone’s location for automated comfort as you come & go from your home. 
  • Smart Eco: Perfect for gatherings where the guests move from one room to another. Imagine your evening starts in the living room, but then moves to the dining room. The living room AC will detect that the room is vacant and adjust its operation to a more efficient one. When the room is occupied again, it will return to its previous temperature setting.  

You can learn more about Hitachi residential air conditioning and suite of controllers and apps, here.  


Family dinner around the table during the holidays

Smart Ventilation Strategies for Improved Air Circulation

Ventilation is key in maintaining the right ambiance when having people over, and the more people invited the more important ventilation becomes. The role of ventilation shouldn’t be pushed aside and it’s worth remembering to regularly ventilate the space, whatever the event. 


The role of proper airflow in maintaining indoor air quality and room temperature


When considering room temperature and indoor air quality, one dominating factor that can impact thermal comfort, and thus our mood and enjoyment, is humidity. While high humidity makes spaces feel stuffy, low levels can help optimize cooling, but too low and dryness will replace comfort. This factor is best gauged as relative humidity and it's advised to maintain it between 30% to 60% as per the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) for ideal indoor comfort. 


Too much humidity can lead short term issues such as discomfort and irritability, while long term issues like mold growth, electrical damage, and health concerns can arise. Homeowners can utilize natural ventilation (opening doors and windows regularly) or use their air conditioner to help keep levels down. With the Hitachi residential air conditioner range, Dry mode is ideal for doing just that, promoting a healthier indoor atmosphere.


Adequate airflow plays a key role in ensuring optimal indoor air quality beyond humidity. By facilitating the circulation of fresh air and dispelling stale air, it aids in reducing the concentration of airborne pollutants and allergens, and smells. Furthermore, a well-ventilated space ensures an even distribution of temperature, preventing hot or cold spots and contributing further to a comfortable environment.  


Utilizing HVAC systems with advanced air purification capabilities


Improving indoor air quality is essential given that people spend more than 75% of their day indoors. Hitachi offers advanced ventilation systems that bring in fresh outdoor air, reducing CO2 levels, pollutants, and harmful bacteria. These systems can be enhanced with specialized air purification solutions, like filters, providing an effective way to combat viruses and odors. Hitachi's ventilation systems also improve energy efficiency, with features like a CO2 sensor that activates equipment only when necessary, resulting in significant energy savings of up to 36%. These solutions prioritize health, comfort, and safety, ensuring a pleasant indoor environment regardless of external conditions. 

Memorable holidays and home social gatherings through thoughtful room temperature  

We've taken a look at the significance of room temperature during holiday celebrations and home gatherings. It's not just about comfort; it's about well-being, guest satisfaction, mood in social interactions, and the overall impression.  


By tailoring temperature settings, maximizing energy efficiency, and prioritizing air quality, you can create memorable and comfortable experiences for you and your guests. Get more information about the Hitachi residential air conditioner range, here.  


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