Ducted Heat Pumps

Hides the indoor units in the ceiling and delivers air through ducts. Achieve an aesthetic design and keep their AC systems almost invisible.

Hitachi's Ducted Heat Pumps: the perfect solution for hidden AC systems

Designed to fit inside smaller ceiling cavities, they are nearly invisible and support high external static pressure (ESP) which enables the use of longer ducts with more turns for greater layout flexibility. They are perfect for clients who want a hidden AC solution installed in just part of their house, particularly for budget-conscious home refurb projects where existing ducting can be used with a single indoor unit. A single indoor unit can be configured to supply air to multiple spaces while producing minimal noise, and can be controlled from a wall-mounted device or smartphone.

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Install your ducted AC with zoning system in up to 8 rooms

A ducted split system with the optional Hitachi Zoning Kit requires lower up-front investment than a VRF system or installation of multiple split systems but can still deliver multi-zone cooling and heating if properly configured and sized for the space.
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Frostwash Self-Cleaning Technology

All indoor ducted units are equipped with FrostWash. FrostWash freezes the dirt and dust trapped in the indoor unit heat exchanger, which is drained away with the condensate when it defrosts – effectively cleaning the heat exchanger and helping to safeguard long-term performance by maintaining good airflow. FrostWash can be activated manually or automatically at scheduled intervals.
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