airCore 700 Cassette

Light Commercial Inverter Heat Pump System

airCore 700 Cassette

Light Commercial Inverter Heat Pump System

The airCore700 stands as Hitachi’s flagship light commercial split system range. It delivers outstanding cooling and heating performance, showcasing a wide capacity range and efficient operation in diverse ambient temperatures, while guaranteeing uncompromised comfort. Utilising R32 refrigerant, airCore700 units have a lower global warming potential compared to R410A refrigerant products.
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Peace of Mind with a 6 Year Warranty

The airCore700 ducted split range comes with a comprehensive 6 Year Warranty on parts and labour, so you can be assured of the reliability and quality of your airCore700 system.

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Extreme Temperature Operation

Designed for the harshest conditions, Hitachi airCore700 units are designed to operate in ambient temperatures from -15°C to 52°C to ensure you’re always comfortable, whatever the weather.

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R32 low GWP Refrigerant

Reducing environmental impact, airCore700 systems use R32 refrigerant which has a lower global warming potential (GWP) than traditional R410A refrigerant.

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Frostwash Self-Cleaning Technology

All indoor units are equipped with FrostWash. FrostWash freezes the dirt and dust trapped in the indoor unit heat exchanger, which is drained away with the condensate when it defrosts – effectively cleaning the heat exchanger and helping to safeguard long-term performance by maintaining good airflow. FrostWash can be activated manually or automatically at scheduled intervals.

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Visual elegance with Silent Iconic

A cassette panel that offers design integration as discreet as a more expensive ducted system. Designed to match the interior, in harmony with the space. Compared with the ceiling-duct-type, the installation cost can be reduced. Taking innovation a step further, the central inlet of the unit features louvres, ingeniously integrating it flawlessly into any ceiling.

Human Sensor

The presence of occupants is detected through a motion sensor which divides the room into 4 zones – one for each louvre. For each of the 4 zones served by a cassette, air can be served either Direct or Indirect. Therefore one zone could receive direct airflow while another has indirect airflow, catering for different personal preferences of people occupying the same area.

Occupancy sensing technology

With CrowdSense technology, select units can determine how many people are in a space and adjust the cooling or heating capacity accordingly, so the room will never get too hot or cold, whether it’s crowded or almost empty.

No more cold feet

In cooling scenarios, FloorSense Cool can prevent the floor area from overcooling by controlling airflow and cooling capacity so that the air at floor level does not get as cool as air above knee height.

Advanced Control

The power is in your hands with our award-winning airPoint Room 700 controller option. With simple navigation and feature rich functions and settings, offering advanced control with your airCore700 system.

Backlit Colour Controller

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Display Adjustment options

The colour screen visual interface allows you to adjust the brightness of the backlight, dim or turn off backlight after inactivity and set screen theme to light or dark.

Operation Schedule Setting

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7 Day Operating Scheduling

Operation schedule function is a 7-day timer used to automatically start or stop the unit operation at the set time. The temperature can also be set. Up to 5 schedules can be set for each day of the week including scheduling for a holiday, six days in advance.

Energy Usage Monitoring

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Power Consumption Display

Power consumption displays the power consumption of the outdoor unit compressor. The value of each displayed in Graph/List format is 1 day (every 2 hrs.), 1 week (7 days), and 1 year (12 months).

Power Saving and Scheduling Settings

Power Saving and Scheduling Settings

Power Savings setting helps reduce energy consumption with low, medium or high settings available. Power Saving Schedule setting starts and stops power savings control at the desired time. Up to 5 Power saving schedules can be set for each day of the week.

Filter Clean Reminder

Filter Clean Reminder

When it's time to clean or change the filter of your indoor unit, the controller will alert you with a reminder.

Temperature Setpoint Limits

Temperature Setpoint Limits

Through the controller, set cooling and heating temperature setpoint limits to reduce unnecessary energy consumption.
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Control your heat pump from anywhere with our airCloud Go* app!

Connect your airCore700 to airCloud Go via Wi-Fi and experience the freedom and convenience of saving energy and enhancing comfort. The app is available in 21 languages and offers features such as Voice Control, Operation Schedular and Quick Setup.

*airCloud Go SmartFence & Energy Monitoring not available with airCore700

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R32 DC inverter compressor

Introducing the new R32 DC inverter compressor, featuring Hitachi's cutting-edge compressor control technology for enhanced energy efficiency. This compressor offers advanced pre-heating in low outdoor ambient temperatures through multi-pulse control on the coil, core, rotor, and stator, eliminating the need for an external crankcase heater. This innovation significantly improves pre-heating efficiency in low ambient conditions and reduces startup time. Features a newly improved refrigerant path and a new fin shape, making the unit more efficient.

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Smart design makes installation easy

The outdoor unit of airCore 700 is designed with piping options available in four directions, allowing for flexible installation based on the specific situation. The unit accommodates up to 75m of piping run and 30m in height, this offers a great deal of flexibility in terms of installation.


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