P Series

Wall Mounted Inverter Heat Pump

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P Series

Wall Mounted Inverter Heat Pump

Integrating the latest smart technology, awaken your Hitachi air senses with the ultimate, automated in-home experience.

Scene Camera Intelligent Image Sensor Technology

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Image Sensing

Intelligent Image Sensor detects the number of people, location and activity in the room and adjusts cooling accordingly to ensure precise cooling and power saving.
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Smart swing

The Smart Swing function adjusts direct or indirect airflow as desired to offer optimal comfort conditions.
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Auto off

When the Image Sensor detects human absence in the room for a specific amount of time, the air conditioner automatically switches off.

This reduces wastage of cooling and energy.

iSense Activity Sensor Technology

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How does iSense work?

A sound sleep at night after a long day at work is what every person deserves.

Activity Sensor Technology helps you get that much-needed rest.
The lnfrared Sensor provides a comfortable sleeping environment by regulating the room temperature according to a person's active body movements so you wake up fresh the next morning.

If the system detects no active movement, the air conditioner increases the temperature by 1°C per hour for 2 hours.
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The sleep stages of iSense

» Falling asleep - Eases you to sleep by increasing the set temperature for extra cooling comfort.

» Deep sleep - Gradually increases the set temperature to maintain a comfortable room temperature.

» Waking up - Activity Sensor Technology decreases the temperature to the initial set temperature and ensures that you wake up fresh without feeling dehydrated (no dry skin and no sore throat).

iClean Automatic Filter Cleaning Technology

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How does iClean Work?

iClean prevents dust accumulation and keeps the filter clean and like new again. It will also monitor the growth of any mould or bacteria that cause unpleasant odours, keeping you feeling fresh and comfortable all day long.

1. The automatic brush sweeps the dust by moving across the stainless steel-coated filter from its 'home' position to the dust collector box position.
2. The dust catcher, located on the top of the dust box, sweeps the dust into the dust box.
3. Once the cleaning is over, the brush moves back from the dust collector box to its home position.
4. The auto-cleaning brush moves twice over the dust catcher to increase the dust transfer capacity. Thus, the auto filter cleaning ensures that there is no dust left on the filter. And so, the air that meets the AC is free from dust and the air coming out of the AC is always clean and fresh.
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Unlock the power of FrostWash

With FrostWash, a revolutionary new cleaning technology, you can depend on cleaner, fresher air all year round.

When no motion is detected, the system cools the heat exchanger down to -15°C forming a thin layer of frost from the moisture within the air. While the frost is being formed, it lifts dust particles, mould and bacteria off the heat exchanger and traps it.

Once an adequate layer of frost has been formed, the system then melts the ice, flushing away the trapped dust particles, mould and bacteria hygienically through the drain pan.

The unit then thoroughly dries the surfaces inside the unit before resuming normal operation. A clean heat exchanger not only keeps your unit operating at optimal efficiency but also keeps the air in your home fresher and cleaner.
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Wifi Control for your Hitachi air conditioner

The P-Series wall mounted system is our smartest air conditioner yet. With the P-Series, you can enjoy the benefits of in-built airCloud Go wifi control, which gives you the power to control your Hitachi air conditioner from your smartphone.

You can operate it from home or abroad, adjusting the temperature before you even step foot in the house.

Further information on the airCloud Go can be found here.

P Series Smart Wall Mount Heat Pumps

P Series Smart Wall Mount Heat Pumps