Multi-Zone Heat Pumps

Hitachi’s range of multi split air conditioners for the home enables central control over the temperature in each room

Zone Control that's Fast and Efficient

Created with high efficiency in mind, Our MultiZone systems deliver cost effective comfort for your home.

Compatibility with a range of indoor unit types such as wall mounted, ceiling cassette or ducted.
The ability to improve aesthetics through the use of minimal outdoor units.
Ease of operation via a user-friendly controller, which also facilitates easy and fast servicing by accurately displaying the status of all performance parameters.
Optional remote for on/off function that enables automatic deactivation once a room becomes unoccupied.
High durability, made possible by anti-corrosion and anti-dust coatings on the outer heat exchanger

Explore our range of AC for multiple rooms

Available indoor units
Typically Wall Mounted, Cassette and Ducted
Connectable Indoor Units/air outlets
2-5 indoor units, depending on system
Each indoor unit connects to the outdoor unit via independent pipes
What it is
Several indoor units can be connected to a single outdoor unit
Energy efficiency
Temperature accuracy
Most suitable for…
Saves outdoor space compared with multiple single split systems. Central control.