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Mini Side Flow Heat Pump VRF

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Set Free Mini

Mini Side Flow Heat Pump VRF

Air... To us, it is something that is taken too much for granted. Spaces in our cities are under increasing pressure. Urban areas demand landscape preservation and also require space efficiency. SET FREE mini VRF outdoor units have a simple yet stylish design that does not mar the urban appearance. At the same time, since a powerful and compact unit runs multiple indoor units, it meets urban needs and the expectations of users who are concerned about the appearance of their surroundings.

Flexibility in Three Sizes of Outdoor Units

Owing to three types of outdoor units with enhanced design and performance, we intelligently meet the requirements of various commercial buildings in regards to scale and construction, as well as air-conditioning needs.

We believe that the paths to comfortable living all begin with Hitachi outdoor units.

Three types of outdoor units

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Smaller footprint with larger capacity

Since the HNRQ Series adopts a more compact outdoor unit compared with the top-blowing type large capacity outdoor unit, it offers an increased degree of freedom of installation.

Balance is the key to harmony, so SET FREE mini outdoor units incorporate advanced features to ensure a more peaceful environment with less disturbance to the outside environment.
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Leading Operating Range

Special fresh air intake and trapezoid heat sink design are adopted for the inverter driver. This improves heat emission and allows the system to be running stably under high ambient conditions. Up to 52.0°C ambient for cooling operation. Special 3-row coil design (3/3.5/6/6.5/10/11/12HP class) and larger area of coil enhance heating capability. This enables heating as low as -20.0°C ambient condition even in
cold regions.
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Outdoor Unit Static

High external static pressure up to 30Pa is available in order to avoid air short-circuit conditions. This ensures that the outdoor unit runs with a good ventilating condition under different conditions of installation. Our SET FREE mini outdoor units are designed to be located internally by the straightness of air flow thanks to higher external static pressure with DC inverter fan, leading to more options for installation and visual aesthetics of buildings.
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Control Systems

From homes to large scale buildings such as hotels, educational facilities, or hospitals, our central controller range will fit any project. The larger EX controller for example offers features a highly intuitive and functional 12.1-inch wide, wallmountable, colourful LCD screen. Control up to 2,560 indoor units with our proprietary H-LINK system with 15 Extension Adapters
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Connection Access

Any local requirements and constraints can be met with a number of features in the outdoor unit. Stop valve built with 4-directional outlet piping for easier pipe installation. The refrigerant pipes can connect the stop valves from the front and right, rear and bottom of the unit.
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Piping Flexibility

Longer and more flexible piping has been realised. This helps in dealing with various piping restrictions.
Please refer to the technical documents for details.
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IoT remote management of your VRF systems is in your hands.

Enjoy the freedom of remote access from your smartphone or computer.

airCloud Pro allows you to remotely control your VRF system(s) from a single app, saving you travel time.

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