Architect’s residence | Hitachi VRF project in Karachi, Pakistan


The place: stunning 22,500 sq.ft villa is a peaceful haven in the city


Located in an upscale neighborhood of Karachi megacity, this villa is an outstanding achievement in terms of design and functionality. The owner and architect designed it with her family’s needs in mind. Restricted by local regulations at the ground level, the house was built across 3 floors at distance from the street, away from the hectic city atmosphere. The layout includes all the functions serving the family’s life:

  • Basement: lounge, study, gym 
  • Ground floor: living room, dining room, entrance foyer, circulation, family kitchen. 
  • First floor: bedrooms, lounge, kitchen, circulation, staircase.

“Through the simplest form, the most beautiful experience can emerge.”

ALEEYA. design studio on Archdaily

The architect’s organic inspiration resulted in luminous spaces with minimalist style enhancing the fine material used, such as French crema limestone.


The solution: the AC could only be Silent-Iconic


For this project, the air conditioning is critical for the well-being of its occupants, due to hot and humid local climate as well as dusty ambient air from the city.

Without hesitation, the architect chose Hitachi Silent-Iconic cassettes, recognizing Silent-Iconic’s award-winning design would perfectly match with the villa’s exquisite interior. Silent-Ionic is a sleek cassette panel that appears to ‘float’ thanks to the clever design that separates the air outlet from the ceiling. The minimalist white lines of the unit (also available in black) perfectly blend with the villa’s organic color palette and straight edges.


“It had to be Silent-Iconic or nothing. It’s by far the best-looking AC currently available on the market.”


Aleeya Khan, Founder & Principal of ALEEYA. design studio

Not only looking amazing, Hitachi Silent-Iconic cassettes are also ideal to effectively cool the villa’s spacious room with 10-foot-high ceilings. Their slim frame also fitted perfectly inside the 14” false ceiling plenum.


Opting for Hitachi VRF technology, the Silent-Iconic cassettes were combined with the SET FREE SIGMA’s high-efficiency series (FSNP). Made in Japan, they provide reliable cooling and heating all year long with a unique energy-saving heat exchanger. Because of the costal location of Karachi next to the Arabian Sea, the units have been subjected to a heavy anti-corrosion treatment to preserve the long-lasting performance of the system in the salt-air environment.


For convenience, a Central Station EZ was installed on the corridor of 1st floor wall, enabling to operate all the AC units of the house from the centralized control touchscreen.


Distributor: Hybrid Building Solutions

Architects: ALEEYA. design studio




  1. Architect´s residence - Project Sheet (PDF)
  2. Projects Reference Catalog (PDF)



Karachi, Pakistan


New Built

Date of installation


Total System Capacity

325 kW

Outdoor units

7x FSNP series

4-way cassette indoor units

34x FSRP series

High Wall indoor units

2x HNBUSQ series, 6x FSRM series


Central Station EZ


Hybrid Building Solutions


ALEEYA. design studio