Five Guys | Hitachi VRF project in Melbourne, Australia


The place: a new location opened by cult-favorite burger giant Five Guys 

The restaurant is the third Five Guys location to open in Australia. Like its predecessors, the requirements in terms of interior design and comfort are based on Five Guys’ strict standards, to ensure a flawless customer experience. Located in South Bank, Melbourne, the restaurant requires cooling in summers and heating in winters, to maintain a pleasant atmosphere around 21˚C for guests all year long. Being critical to the restaurant’s operations, high reliability of the HVAC system was key, with a specific guideline from the Five Guys group to have a cloud-based 24/7 monitoring capability.


One of the biggest HVAC challenges of this specific venue was the lack of space to install the VRF units. The only space that could be allocated for the installation was the loading dock, which had poor air circulation and the space available for the units was very narrow.

The solution: slim modular SideSmart VRF minimizes the footprint, while airCloud Pro monitors the system 24/7 

SideSmart™ Slim Modular VRF was chosen because of its compact side discharge outdoor units which measure only 420mm deep and were therefore able to fit in the limited space available without sacrificing performance. This range also presented fewer complications during delivery and installation due to its lightweight build. Its modularity means that up to 4 outdoor units can be connected, offering a maximum combined cooling capacity of 152kW, with very high energy efficiency in booth cooling and heating (EER 3.52 / COP 3.90).


Silent-Iconic™ 4-Way Cassettes were installed inside the premises along with High Static ducted indoor units. These cassettes not only satisfied the ceiling space limitations, but their award-winning premium streamlined design made them an integral addition to the store’s overall aesthetic. The additional ducted indoor units were concealed from obvious view, while also providing comfort for restaurant staff and customers. The award-winning Advanced-Color room controller complements the stylish AC equipment inside the restaurant.


To satisfy the online monitoring requirements, airCloud Pro VRF remote management software was installed, which enables complete control via smartphone or web application.

“Project stakeholders were very impressed with the features of airCloud Pro, especially the capability for troubleshooting any system issues that may arise with access to an error history.”

Temperzone team


airCloud Pro can alert the restaurant manager in real-time when maintenance is required to ensure the system is always operating efficiently and effectively. In addition, a Central Station Mini was installed and interlocked with the restaurant’s fire alarm, to automatically turn off the AC in the event of a fire.




Developer: Seagrass Boutique Hospitality Group
Distributor: Temperzone
Contractors: Climafreeze, GSR 




  1. Five Guys - Case study (PDF)
  2. Five Guys - Project Sheet (PDF)
  3. Projects Reference Catalog (PDF)


Southbank, Melbourne, Australia


New built

Date of installation


Outdoor units

2x 22.4kW Hitachi SideSmart™ VRF Outdoor Units

Indoor units

1x RCI-4.0FSRP Silent-Iconic™ Cassette • 2x RPI-5.0FSR - High Static Ducted Unit


3x PC-ARFG-A Advanced Colour Wall Controllers • 1x PSC-A32MN - Central Station Mini Controller • 1x airCloud Pro Remote VRF Control


Seagrass Boutique Hospitality Group




Climafreeze, GSR