An AC control that you’ll actually enjoy using

Hitachi AC controllers provide users with a seamless experience, with their easy-to-use and intuitive design. Create your ideal atmosphere at home.

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Home remote control: indulge in luxury

The latest generation of airHome air conditioners come with a luxurious hand-held remote controller. Created based on our exclusive Duality Design philosophy, the airHome remote controllers combine excellence in usage and premium aesthetics. By bringing together the use of high quality materials, award-winning iconography and sleek design, Hitachi remote controls are now better than ever.
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Program your AC control to match your routine

Hitachi remote controllers offer timer and weekly schedule options[1][2], so everyone can program the AC to turn on or off to suit their lifestyles. By planning ahead (before sleep or leaving your home), timers can help you save energy effortlessly.
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The perfect match between your AC unit and your AC remote

Each Hitachi air conditioner comes with its compatible handheld wireless remote controller. All controllers are designed simple for use. For Hitachi air conditioner series with multiple features, controllers come with more option buttons for easy access.
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Optional wired room AC controller

For those who would like a wall-fixed control device, Hitachi Cooling & Heating also offers the wall controller as an optional accessory. They are ideal for places with temporary visitors.

AC controllers: Additional features [1]

Fan operation mode
One of the 5 types of operation an AC can perform (cool/heating/ dry/fan). In fan mode, the air circulates through the unit to generate a breeze flowing within the room (like an electric fan), without change of temperature.
Auto operation mode
The AC will switch automatically between cooling and heating operation to maintain a stable room temperature under changing weather conditions.
Powerful mode
During heating or cooling, the AC runs at full speed for limited time to reach the desired temperature faster.
Louver position / airflow direction
Modify the louver position to change the direction of the air flow. Adjust the louver towards the ceiling for a subtle cooling/heating, or set the louvers to swing to feel a stronger breeze.
Silent mode
A shortcut button to lower the fan speed, making the AC quieter as ever.
Program your AC to turn on or turn off after selected number of hours.
My mode
Save your preferred temperature and fan speed under ‘My Mode’ so you can recreate your perfect air in one touch.
Activate exclusive FrostWash technology with your remote control for self-cleaning of your AC indoor unit. FrostWashs helps to preserve indoor air quality at home.
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[1] Availability vary depending on air conditioner models, refer to your air conditioner’s user manual.
[2] Also available with airCloud Go app.
[3]Advanced features vary depending on air conditioner series (example: SleepSense, AQtiv-Ion, Powerful mode…