airHome 800

Wall Mounted Inverter Heat Pump AC (RAK/RAC-XJ-WHAE)

airHome 800

Wall Mounted Inverter Heat Pump AC (RAK/RAC-XJ-WHAE)

Meet our most intelligent AC ever! The airHome 800 series prevents mold and bad odor with innovative self-cleaning technologies like FrostWash 3.0. This means you can enjoy fresh, clean air all year long without having to worry about mold or bad odors. | Cooling A+++ / Heating A+++ (1)​ ​ (1) Except model RAK-XJ50RHAE/RAC-XJ50WHAE: A++/A++
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Comfy home, from -20˚C to 46˚C outside

You can count on airHome 800 series to create the perfect air in all seasons. It effectively cools during the summer’s hottest days and effectively keep the room warm under extreme cold. By extracting energy from renewable ambient air, it makes it a perfect low-carbon heating solution.​

Don’t forget: there’s also a a silent Dry mode for not-so-hot but humid days to remove excess humidity and keep the room fresh.

airHome 800 embeds our most innovative features to improve the air quality

Latest generation of FrostWash and Mold Guarding function self-cleaning technologies help keeping the interior of your unit free of mold and contaminants. Enjoy cleaner air, better breathing, and improved comfort today!

(NEW) FrostWash 3.0 self-cleaning process

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(NEW) FrostWash 3.0 self-cleaning process

A new & more complete self-cleaning process for the heat exchanger coil! FrostWash 3.0 heats up the coil up to 56˚C before freezing and melting it. This way, it detaches oily particles and odor sources in addition to other dirt and contaminants.

Triple effect of FrostWash 3.0:

  1. Sanitizing effects: 99% viruses eliminated [1], 99% bacteria eliminated [2], 95% mold reduction[3]

  2. Anti-odor effect: In addition to removing mold, a common source of bad odors, FrostWash 3.0 significantly removes bad smells that may have adhered to the surface of the heat exchanger, such as pet odors [4] and cooking odors [5].

  3. Preservation of airflow capacity: Our tests show that systems with FrostWash are 3×better at maintaining airflow performance than those without this technology[6] .

*FrostWash 3.0 does not work when airHome 800 indoor unit is connected to airHome Multi/Multi Pro outdoor unit. In such case, the FrostWash 3.0 is substituted by standard FrostWash – freeze/melt/clean – process.

(NEW) Smart Mold guard 2.0

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(NEW) Smart Mold guard 2.0

With its embedded sensors, the Mold Guard 2.0 continuously monitor the temperature and humidity levels inside the indoor unit, even when the units is turned off. ​
When it detects conditions that favor mold growth inside the AC (ie humidity levels above 65% and mild temperature), automatic mold killing process is activated:​

Process to kill inside mold:​

  • Heat exchanger’s coil heated at up to 50ºC

  • Air is circulated within the interior of the unit​

  • As a result, the humidity levels of the unit’s interior will dramatically reduce, below 30% and the inside temperature will reach up to 45ºC, in order to kill mold in less than 10min.​

AQtiv-Ion against viruses, bacteria and allergens

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AQtiv-Ion against viruses, bacteria and allergens

An exclusive technology contributing to building a healthier environment! When AQtiv-Ion is activated, the AC emits negatively-charged particles which cling to pollutants in the air around the AC unit, so they fall harmlessly to the ground.​

Tested and proven:​

  • 99.9% inhibition of viruses: tested on SARS-CoV-2 [8] & Hong Kong Influenza A (H3N2) ​

  • 99.0% reduction of bacteria: tested on E.Coli [9]

  • 86.0% reduction of formaldehyde [10], a common source of bad odors​

  • 97.1% reduction of cedar allergens [11] and 98.7% against dust mites [12 ]

The AQtiv-Ion technology can be used anytime during cooling, heating, dry and fan mode, to purify your air regardless of temperature control.

ViroSense Z1 air purifying filter

ViroSense Z1 air purifying filter

Coated with zinc pirithione, the ViroSense Z1 filter has been added inside your AC to purify the air. ​
It is proven with up to 99.9% effectiveness on viruses including SARS-CoV-2 [13] and up to 99.0% effectiveness on bacteria [14]

Stainless pre-filter

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Stainless pre-filter

All air conditioners include a pre-filter to traps big particles present in the air and prevent them from circulating through the unit. ​
Made of stainless steel, the pre-filter is easy to wash and does not corrode over time, for durable performance.

Ready to connect to airCloud Go

Make the AC smart with airCloud app! The airHome 800 series embeds wifi connectivity, so you can easily pair it to our remote control app.​

With airCloud Go, you’ll be able to…​

  • Control the air from anywhere, at anytime​

  • Program the weekly schedule​

  • Use Smart-Fence to make the AC change operation everytime you’re leaving or arriving home​

  • Control the AC with your voice, via Google Home or Amazon Alexa smart speakers​

​More info on airCloud Go here.

Automatically reduce the AC when no one is in the room

The airHome 800 series includes a motion sensor that detects when the room is occupied or vacant. ​

Activate the Smart Eco mode and benefit from automatic savings. After last occupant leaves the room, the airHome 800 notices vacancy and automatically switch to a power-saving Eco mode. When someone returns inside the room, it automatically stop the Eco mode. ​

You can also set the AC to completely turn off after prolonged room vacancy, with the Auto Eco-Off option.​

SleepSense: Your new night companion

The SleepSense functionality was designed by Japanese engineers to help you sleep better. Thanks to the motion sensor, SleepSense detects when you fall asleep and will gradually reduce the cooling/heating operation and noise level. ​

When you wake up, the AC detects that you’re resuming activity and will automatically revert to initial pre-sleep operation. ​

(NEW) Discover FrostWash for outdoor unit

Exclusive Hitachi: Preserve the outdoor unit’s performance thanks to FrostWash for outdoor unit. ​

  • Step 1: With DuraSpin, the fan will run in reserve direction to create a strong airflow and detach the large particles of dust that may accumulate on the coil.​

  • Step2: the With our famous freeze-melt-clean process, the condensing coil will be cleaned from dirt and mold. ​

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Probably our best remote controller ever

Amazing design. Easy to use. The airHome 800 is supplied with our best-in-class remote controller offering complete control over the air. ​
The sliding cover provides convenient access to the more advanced settings and programmers while enhancing the sleek & clean design of the remote controller.

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Highlighted benefits:

3 airflow swing options
For a dynamic airflow, choose between the up-down swing, left-right swing and ‘wide reach’.
Whisper quiet down to 21db(A)
The AC goes unnoticed thanks to our noise-reducing wavy-blade fan[15].
Powerful mode
When you need a rapid reach of the desired temperature, press ‘powerful’ button and the AC operation will be temporarily boosted.
Leave Home
For prolonged vacation away from home during winters, the Leave Home mode maintain minimal heat in your house to prevent pipe freezing
My Mode
Save up the settings of your favorite air, such as temperature and fan speed, so you can recreate your ideal atmosphere in one touch

Brochures and catalogues: airHome 800

Catalogues, brochures and other documentation. If you need any more information, please get in touch.


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[6]Two identical units were tested for comparison; with and without FrostWash. Test chamber simulated approx. 2 years of dust and oil build up which may be experienced in a typical home environment. Airflow performance was tested before and after being in the chamber. Unit without FrostWash exerpienced an 18% drop in airflow performance. Unit with FrostWash experienced only 6% performance drop. Tested at Johnson Controls-Hitachi Tochigi factory, Japan Nov/Dec 2021.
[7]Duration of mold guard operation takes approximately 60min, however it slightly varies depending on models and current temperature/humidity conditions.
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[15]21dB(A) is the sound pressure level at silent mode of the following models: RAK-XJ18QHAE, RAK-XJ25RHAE, RAK-XJ35RHAE. Higher capacity models have a higher sound level.