NV Series

Window Inverter Heat Pump AC

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NV Series

Window Inverter Heat Pump AC

Upgrade to our window AC unit and enjoy a full range of temperature control with maximum efficiency. Experience faster, more energy-efficient cooling and heating with our innovative Window Air Conditioner. Compared to traditional units, double-sided air outlet blows air from a wide angle, ensuring even distribution of coolness and warmth throughout the space.
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The triple air purifying technologies contributes to antibacterial protection

Polymer photocatalyst can destroy cell membranes and inhibit viral activity of bacteria such as Escherichia coli.
Silver ions, used for medical purposes, block the activity of bacteria and have an antibacterial effect; washing will not reduce it.
When natural tourmaline is placed in the filter, it can release negative ions naturally and effectively inhibit bacteria.
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Synchronized Japanese inverter technology, more powerful

Hitachi’s air conditioning adopts Japan’s inverter control technology, which controls the ultra high frequency voltage and the pulse amplitude modulation (PAM) system precisely to prevent loss of energy. When the load increases, the voltage raises to 360V in order to boost compressor rotation. Meanwhile, the power factor will raise up to 99% which brings rapid cooling or heating and more efficient power.
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Low noise thanks to the double air outlets design

The double air outlets not only increases the air volume, but also greatly reduces wind resistance and noise so users can enjoy the most comfortable temperature in a quiet environment.
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Contributes to sleep quality

User sets a comfortable temperature to help fall asleep, knowing that Hitachi air conditioning will automatically adjust the temperature once the timer is set, preventing the room from getting too cold or too hot and reducing energy consumption.

Stop the causes of AC odors

Whenever the unit is switched off, the AC automatically blows air through internal components to prevent mold build-up– the primary cause of those nasty odors. It offers 5 different time durations (10, 20, 30, 45, and 60 mins) for selection according to humidity and users’ preference.
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TaiSEIA 101 Smart home certified

The Taiwan Smart Energy Industry Association (TaiSEIA) promotes the development of energy and information communication protocols, accelerates the promotion and application of smart home products, integrates various smart home products through a verification system, and drives the development of a variety of related application services; Hitachi air conditioning products have been certified as smart home products, providing consumers with more high-tech and personalized smart air conditioning products.
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Adopted Japan made compressor & crafted in Taiwan

To ensure the brand’s highest quality standards are observed uniformly, the NT series imports its compressors from Japan, and the AC units are made in Johnson Control-Hitachi’s own Taiwanese factory.

Other Benefits

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Quite and reliable Japan made compressor 1
Japan made compressor helps maintain the reliability of the air conditioning unit for longer use periods. This also means an excellent performance in reducing vibration and noise.

[1] refers to NV1 models
NV Series_benefits
Easy to clean front panel and filter
The front panel is designed to be easy disassembled and can be wash by clear water. The filter is also washable to prevent clogged by dust and dirt.
NV Series_benefits
Equipped with remote controller
The fullyremote controller provides more convenience to users. Besides regular settings, the unit can also be scheduled to on/off by using the remote. The ECO mode is also available on the controller to save energy while enjoying comfortable air.
NV Series_benefits
Mobile application available
The industry's leading mobile application enables users to set on/off schedules remotely, or operate/monitor a number of products at the same time. It also supports Google smart speaker control.

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