airHome - air conditioning so smart, it just works. The perfect temperature at the right time, whatever you’re doing. Plus it automatically cleans itself and the air around you. No worries, no fuss.

This is the last time you’ll need to think about your home air conditioning



We designed airHome to be easier to operate and maintain, automating many of the features and functions that can be so confusing on modern air conditioners.

No need to think about it

Home appliances and technology are becoming smarter, and airHome is no exception. airHome products can control the temperature based on whether anybody is in the room, or even automatically prepare the room temperature for you as you are on your way home. We’ve even studied the impact of temperature on your sleep, so you’ll never need to wake up too hot or cold.

Cleans & maintains itself year after year

Over time dust and dirt can build up in your air conditioning unit reducing the amount of air that can flow through it and making it less powerful and less efficient. That’s why we’ve developed a patented way to help maintain the air flow performance of airHome using a self-cleaning technology called FrostWash. This is one of just several technologies that help to make airHome exceptionally easy to operate and maintain.

Automatically removes up to 99.9% of viruses & pollutants

While many home air conditioning products today have air purification features, we’ve integrated up to 4 different technologies to seamlessly deliver cleaner, healthier air. Depending on the model you might find advanced air filters made from composite materials, an electronic ioniser that helps to neutralise particles in the air, and technology to clean the inside components of the air conditioner.

airHome 400


airHome 600

airHome: the air conditioner for people who don’t want to think about air conditioning

With over 80 years of experience, we are confident that our range of cooling and heating solutions provides households and businesses with the leading climate control technology to create and maintain the perfect indoor environment. We cater for all types of homes, including detached houses, semi-detached, flats and apartments, lofts and attics, as well as for specific spaces like garages, workshops, home offices and more. Select from wall-mounted, ducted-concealed style and ceiling cassette units, all of which are designed with your comfort in mind.

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