D-G(F/X)VG Series

Direct Driven Asynchronous Motor VSD

D-G(F/X)VG Series

Direct Driven Asynchronous Motor VSD

The HC-F-D-GXVG/GFVG series is a direct-drive centrifugal chiller with a gearless direct-drive two-stage compressor, which eliminates the mechanical loss of speed-increasing gears found in conventional compressors. This results in higher efficiency and energy savings, making it a great choice for commercial and industrial applications.
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Centrifugal chiller with year-round efficiency

The new series of chillers, which feature a high-speed VSD motor and gearless direct-drive two-stage compressor, offer a higher level of efficiency compared to conventional chillers with gear. By eliminating the mechanical loss of speed-increasing gear, these chillers can achieve a maximum IPLV of 11.5 (under AHRI conditions). This means that users can benefit from lower energy consumption and operating costs while reducing the environmental impact of their cooling system.
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Variable speed drive motor for chiller AC

The adoption of a high-speed VSD (Variable Speed Drive) motor allows for better control of the chiller's speed, which can result in increased energy efficiency and lower operating costs. The high-speed and high-frequency operation design enables the chiller to operate at a wider range of capacities, with a minimum capacity control range of 10%. Overall, the use of a direct-drive centrifugal chiller with a high-speed VSD motor can provide several benefits, including improved energy efficiency, better capacity control, and reduced operating costs.
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Significant chiller maintenance cost reduced

The centrifugal chiller unit has adopted a VSD direct-drive single-shaft impeller, eliminating the need for speed-increasing gears and simplifying the power transmission system.
By reducing the number of moving parts, the 2-stage compressor structure is simplified, resulting in excellent dowsizing. Compared to 600RT chillers AC, the number of major consumable parts has been reduced from 6 to 2 (a reduction of 66%), resulting in significant cost savings for customers in terms of service and maintenance.
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Two-stage compressor for a higher efficiency

The centrifugal chiller's 2-stage compressor operates at a lower rotation speed, extending the bearing life compared to a single-stage compressor. Hitachi's patented cyclonic-type economizer enhances refrigerant sub-cooling, increasing cooling capacity while reducing refrigerant flow to the first-stage impeller, resulting in lower power consumption. These advanced technologies contribute to super-high efficiency. The chiller achieves a significant enhancement in partial load COP at low cooling water temperatures and can reach a maximum Partial Load Efficiency COP of 22.5 under standard conditions (HC-F30D1000GFVG model, with cooling water inlet temperature at 12°C and running at 40% load).
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Enhanced Performance with Improved Oil Supply Temperature Control

As the gearless direct-drive 2-stage compressor's rotation speed decreases, the friction heat generated at the bearing also decreases. The refrigerant flow to the oil cooler is then carefully controlled to maintain optimal oil temperature, further enhancing the chiller's performance.
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Chiller system with easy-to-operate control panel

Our direct-drive centrifugal chiller system has a touch panel control panel that is designed for easy operation and features a 10.4-inch color screen. It allows you to monitor various operating data and view trend graphs during operation, with trend data available for up to 40 hours (updated every hour). You can also access and store operation history for the past 12 hours (updated every hour), as well as failure and alarm history for the latest 6 times each. In case of failure, a handling guide is provided. Additionally, an automatic restart function after an instantaneous power failure is available as an option.

Direct-drive Centrifugal Chiller with easy installation and maintenance

The Hitachi centrifugal chiller control panel is equipped with an RS485 communication port. The port is compatible with Building Management Systems (BMS), using the MODBUS RTU protocol.

The chiller AC has an automatic start-up feature that enables it to restart automatically after an instantaneous power failure lasting less than 10 seconds. It then reverts to normal operation in the shortest possible period. This is a great feature for cost-saving in maintenance. 

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