M-G(F/X)VG Series

Direct Driven Permanent Magnetic VSD

M-G(F/X)VG Series

Direct Driven Permanent Magnetic VSD

The Hitachi M-VG series is a centrifugal chiller that uses a Permanent Magnetic Synchronous Motor (PMSM) to directly drive the compressor impeller. Direct-drive chillers are more efficient, reliable, and require less maintenance than traditional chillers due to no gears or belts in the power transmission. Direct-drive chillers typically incorporate advanced controls and monitoring systems, which allow precise cooling process control. PMSM can lead to energy savings and increased efficiency, particularly in large commercial or industrial applications.
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VSD compressors: higher efficiency and less maintenance

The M-VG series features high-speed VSD (variable speed drive) compressors with high-speed permanent magnetic synchronous motors, single shaft direct-drive bearings, and two-stage impeller technology. Together, they minimize mechanical loss and enhance the efficiency and reliability of the chiller.

High-speed VSD compressors' advantages over ordinary compressors include higher efficiency and power density, with a more manageable
system construction. This leads to a reduced footprint and weight rate of up to 40%. Vulnerable and consumable parts are reduced by up to 66%, resulting in less maintenance and quieter operation of the chillers. 

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High-speed Permanent Magnetic Synchronous Motor

Hitachi has independently developed a high-speed permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM), specifically designed for centrifugal compressors. This motor boasts a power range of 250kW to 560kW and a rotational speed range of 8500rpm to 13085rpm. When compared to an asynchronous (induction) motor, the Permanent Magnetic Synchronous Motor offers distinct advantages. It exhibits high efficiency, particularly under partial loads, leading to significant improvements in efficiency, power factor, size, weight, and operating temperature.

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User-friendly chiller control panel

The Hitachi M-VG's chiller controller boasts a 10.4-inch touch panel for easy recognition and fast operation. With three-level access permissions, it's versatile and user-friendly. It can display operating states and past trend data updated every minute. Troubleshooting guidance is displayed when faults occur, and trend charts show performance over time.

Permanent magnet motor with MODBUS RTU

Using the RS485 physical bus and MODBUS RTU communication format, the chiller unit can easily communicate with other devices and form a group control system, providing users greater flexibility in monitoring and controlling their chiller system. The ability to remotely start and stop the chiller, set the cold water outlet temperature, and manage the load limit value transforms the PMSM centrifugal chiller into a great solution to help users optimize performance and energy efficiency.

Know the optional solutions of Hitachi's PMSM

M-VG Permanent magnet synchronous motor series offers a variety of optional solutions that can be customized to meet specific customer needs. The heat recovery model is a great way to improve energy efficiency by recycling heat often wasted during refrigeration operations. The heat pump application utilizes low-temperature heat sources or waste heat resources, improving energy efficiency even more. The ice storage model can help you take advantage of the difference in electricity prices during peak and off-peak hours and implement a system that allows for night storage and day cooling.

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