WZY Series (Flooded or Dry Evaporator)

Water-Cooled Screw Chiller

WZY Series (Flooded or Dry Evaporator)

Water-Cooled Screw Chiller

While energy consumption is a common disadvantage of water-cooled screw chillers, the WZY Series breaks the mold. Using R134a refrigerant and offering cooling capacities ranging from 102-520RT (358kW-1,830kW), this series boasts high-efficiency cooling operation with a COP of up to 5.79. By reducing electricity consumption, the WZY Series not only minimizes its environmental impact but also helps keep energy bills low. Upgrade to the WZY Series for a more sustainable and cost-effective cooling solution.

Hitachi proprietary G-Type Semi-Hermetic Twin-Screw Compressor

New rotor design decreases internal leakage of refrigerant during the compression process, and is manufactured by the most advanced abrasive process equipment offering the least friction and high plot ratio under the film seal, which means low vibration and noise. This unique design offers several benefits:
• Precise capacity modulation, enabling unit capacity scaling down from 100% to 20% (<300 ton with one comp. unit) and 15% (>300 ton with twin comp. unit)
• Frequency modulation from 0 to 50 Hz, with combining slide valve and VFD driver
• Double-casing design reduces operating noise
• Capacity adjusting valve automatically resets to the minimum load decreasing the starting current
• Internal motor without couplings prevents discharge of refrigerant, while lowering fault rate and prolonging the service life
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Cyclone Oil Separator

The adoption of centrifugal oil separator compared with a traditional filter type oil separator, ensures there is no resistance produced by the oil filter net, therefore reducing energy consumption of the compressor. At the same time the oil separation efficiency is greatly improved, reducing the amount of oil entering the heat exchanger while ensuring effective lubrication of the compressor.
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Dry-Type Unit Evaporator (100-125RT)

Dry Type evaporator use a lower quantity of refrigerant in a sealed chamber, dispensing with the need for an external oil pump or oil return filter, and therefore having very low maintenance needs. Multiple condensing units circulate independently, which enables good performance in standby applications where sudden extra capacity is required.
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Flooded-Type Unit Evaporator (155-520RT)

The Flooded-Type evaporator leverages the latest research on heat transfer tubes, increasing the effective distribution of the refrigerant to enhance heat transfer.

Precise control and multi-chiller operation

Connect up to 8 Hitachi chillers together using H-LINK wiring. Alternatively, use ModBus or BACNET protocol to connect theoretically up to 250 units to a Building Management System (BMS).
In multi-unit configurations operating at less than full load, individual compressor units can be configured to balance their operating time themselves, ensuring even wear across all units.
The inlet and outlet water temperatures can be set with ±0.5°C accuracy, accepting water input temperature from 22-40°C and chilling water output from 4-15°C.

Built-in protection systems

11 different protection systems built in to automatically prevent damage to the unit caused by condenser pressure or exhaust temperatures being too high, compressor motor temperature protection, discharge and suction pressure range safeguards, and protection of the compressor from incorrect power supply or current surges. In addition all units feature anti-freeze capabilities to avoid crystallization of the refrigeration liquid and an oil heater to ensure lubrication performance. Flooded Type models also have protection against a lack of chilled water flow or an oil shortage with differential pressure flow switches.

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