airCloud Pro Adapter

Gateway Accessory

airCloud Pro Adapter

Gateway Accessory

Link Your Hitachi VRF Systems to AirCloud: The most cost-effective solution in the market for remote control via web or app. Simple installation and configuration. Manage AC operations, access energy data, and identify errors seamlessly.
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Embracing the Cloud’s Liberty

Linking your Hitachi VRF equipment to the airCloud Pro empowers facility and equipment managers with unparalleled freedom and convenience:

  • Access anytime, anywhere via the app or web

  • Real-time temperature zone control

  • Streamlined multi-site management

  • Error notifications

  • Comprehensive energy data tracking

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Connecting up to 80 indoor units via LAN or 4G

A single gateway can seamlessly link an H-LINK system comprising 80 indoor units [1], 64 remote control groups, and 16 outdoor units. This connection can be established through the client's LAN/Ethernet local network or by utilizing 4G[2].

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LED indicators for Connectivity Status

The gateway features five LED lights that provide continuous status updates on connections:

  • POWER light indicates when the gateway is powered.

  • ERROR signals any error occurrences.

  • H-LINK flashes during communication between the gateway and the units.

  • UPLINK confirms an effective connection to the cloud.

  • 4G LINK activates when using the optional 4G module accessory instead of a LAN network.

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Simplified Installation in 5 easy steps

  1. Secure the airCloud Gateway on the wall.

  2. Connect the power and H-LINK wiring for air-conditioner linkage.

  3. Configure switches, including the LAN mode via DIP switch, and set the protection fuse.

  4. Pre-configure your system via your laptop and establish login credentials.

  5. Conclude the installation by activating the VRF system.

Based on your wall conditions, you have the option of either wall-mount or DIN-rail installation.
For detailed guidance, please refer to our [How to Install the airCloud Pro Gateway video] available here.

Wi-Fi Not Required:
The airCloud Pro gateway establishes a connection between Hitachi H-LINK systems and the cloud through Ethernet/LAN. In select regions, there's also an option for a 3G/4G module.

Sleek and Compact Design:
Measuring just W:138 x H:200 x D:41 mm, the airCloud Pro gateway boasts an exceptionally slim and compact profile

Connect an Unlimited Number of Gateways:
With airCloud Pro, you can seamlessly integrate an unlimited number of gateways and group them by site, without user limitations.

Brochures and catalogues: airCloud Pro Adapter

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[1] For H-LINK II, up to 80 indoor units can be connected; for H-LINK, the limit is 64 indoor units.
[2] Availability of the optional module (HC-IoTGW4G)* may vary by region.