Yutaki S 2.0

Air to Water Split Heat Pump​

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Yutaki S 2.0

Air to Water Split Heat Pump​

With a wide heating operating range, Yutaki S is a true all-around performer. This eco-friendly heating and cooling solution delivers the greatest comfort even in the coldest of winters. It can deliver environmentally friendly heating and cooling through underfloor heating, radiators and fan coils, and it is connectable to an external domestic hot water tank
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Eco-friendly heating and cooling solutions for lower bills

Powered by electricity, Hitachi Yutaki air source heat pumps transit heat between the outdoors and indoors for the most efficient home heating. Energy class is certified up to A+++, consuming energy more efficiently, helping to reduce energy bills, and giving you a worry-free comfort experience with lower home emissions.
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Compact and efficient HVAC with easy installation

These eco-friendly air source heat pump units are available in compact sizes that are easy to install in your preferred places, such as in a kitchen cabinet where the small space is unused. It is light, down to 35kg, so installers can easily transport and install this environmentally friendly heating system.
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Intuitive and visual interface with new LCD controller

Yutaki S comes with a new LCD controller and can be easily configured by answering 10 simple questions.Its user-friendly interface simplifies the initial setup, while the programmable weekly timer can integrate your daily routines. Pre-set the unit just once, and have your unit accommodate your routine.​

The controller also acts as a thermostat, and can also help track energy usage, taking home heating and cooling systems to the next level. The interface is available in 26 languages, with dark-mode available.​

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Manage your eco-friendly air source heat pump remotely

Experience hassle-free temperature control with Yutaki S heating system. Simply connect to the smartphone app to set temperatures, activate holiday mode or weekly timer, and receive alerts when necessary. Enjoy flexible management and peace of mind, even when away from home.

What our customers say?

"We've had a good experience with Hitachi Cooling & Heating products for a couple of years now, when several VRF systems were installed in the hotel's extension in 2018 and they proved to be reliable and energy efficient".
Mr. Robert Refalo, Titan International Ltd Service Manager (2020)

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