Energy Recovery Ventilator

2-way Energy Recovery Ventilation Unit

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Energy Recovery Ventilator

2-way Energy Recovery Ventilation Unit

Energy Recovery Ventilator (TERV030) is a 2-way ventilation solution which uses the energy contained in the air being exhausted from the building to pre-condition the incoming outdoor ventilation air, so that the AC system does not have to work as hard.
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Energy savings

Compared to using a simple ventilation exhaust fan when running AC, it reduces annual electricity consumption because of the reduced loading on the AC, as the air leaving the building is replaced by air already conditioned to the set temperature indoors. This is achieved by passing indoor and outdoor air through separated systems of resin-like material that simultaneously transfer heat through conduction and humidity, by attracting bound water vapor from one airstream to the other.

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Pre-warm outdoor air in winter

In the winter, the ventilation unit exchanges heat between the cold outdoor air and the warm air already in the building, bringing the fresh outdoor air up to the indoor air temperature.

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Pre-cool outdoor air in summer

In the summer the process works in reverse; the warm air from outside is heat exchanged (in this case cooled) by the air conditioned cool air in the building. The heat exchange takes place through specially developed resin-like material that also has the effect of reducing the humidity of the incoming outdoor air.

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