Central Controller (CCL01)

Centralized Controller

Central Controller (CCL01)

Centralized Controller

This Centralized Controller is designed for easy management of VRF systems and/or multiple mini splits in larger homes and properties.
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Integrates with VRF systems via H-LINK wiring

Uses H-LINK wiring to connect and control up to 160 VRF indoor units and VRF 64 outdoor units. Connect mini-splits using the optional PSC-6RAD H-LINK gateway – one for each mini-split you wish to connect and control through the central controller.

Central Controller (CCL01)_1

Touchscreen control

The 8.5inch color touchscreen makes it easy to access both basic and advanced settings. Adjust fan speeds, set temperature and airflow direction on individual units or groups of unit. Program timers, monitor error data and more.

Arrange indoor units in up to 64 different virtual groups, making it easy to control the climate operation in different parts of a large residential property.

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Supports AC filter cleaning maintenance

Always know when an air conditioning indoor unit requires filter cleaning. A filter symbol appears on the AC control panel screen and indicates which indoor unit requires cleaning.

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Monitor errors and malfunctions

In case of AC malfunction, the users are alerted with a visual symbol alarm. AC error code and time can be accessed from the screen. The error history can show up to 100 errors.

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Interlock with up to 4 external input/outputs

Connect 3rd party equipment such as fire alarms for smarter interlocked operation – e.g. in the event of a fire the AC can automatically shut down to prevent further smoke damage.

Programmable AC operation schedule

Use the scheduling function to meet your needs. Up to 10 slots can be set for each day of the week. You can pre-cool/pre-heat selected rooms before they are occupied, and schedule the AC to turn off during hours when nobody is at home.

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