Gateway for CSNET Home (ATW-IOT)

Gateway Accessory

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Gateway for CSNET Home (ATW-IOT)

Gateway Accessory

The ATW-IOT is a gateway accessory for connecting a Yutaki or Yutampo air-to-water heat pump system to a home Wi-Fi network to enable management of the heating unit through the CSNET Home smartphone app.
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Compatible with Yutaki and Yutampo air-to-water heat pumps

Connects via H-LINK wiring cable to the air-to-water heat pump indoor unit. One ATW-IOT gateway is required per heat pump unit – up to 2 gateways can be connected to a single home Wi-Fi network.

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Easy to set-up

The gateway device should be installed by a qualified HVAC technician or electrician. Once connected to the air-to-water heating unit via H-LINK wire and to the mains power, it will normally be mounted on a wall. Once connected, the gateway will automatically discover the home Wi-Fi network when in range.

Set-up is easy; simply download the CSNET Home app from Google Play or iOS store, scan the QR code on the gateway device with your smartphone, input the Wi-Fi password and follow the simple steps to configure timers, temperature and power consumption settings, and more besides.

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Manage everything remotely through your smartphone

For more information on the CSNET Home app click here [ADD LINK TO CSNET HOME product page]

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