air365 Max (Cooling Only type)

Modular Top Flow Cooling Only VRF

air365 Max (Cooling Only type)

Modular Top Flow Cooling Only VRF

This comprehensive HVAC system stands at the forefront of modern, cost-effective, and versatile VRF technology. Engineered for peak performance, particularly in hot and warm climates year-round, its unique design for cooling-only operation offers outstanding energy efficiency and boasts the largest capacity in the market. This positions it as the top choice for HVAC professionals and building owners alike—an end-to-end VRF solution that's exceptionally user-friendly and economically efficient at the initial stage.
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Best in class HVAC efficiency

Offers significant improvements in energy consumption thanks to the high Cooling EER up to 5.40. As VRF systems operate most of the time under part load conditions, (at 50% or less of full capacity), air365 Max features SmoothDrive 2.0. This unique technology controls the output of by precisely controlling the compressor speed and measuring the gap in room vs set temperature with an accuracy of 0.1C. This reduces wear and tear on the compressor by reducing compressor start/stop events, improves temperature stability, and reduces energy consumption at part load by up to 39% (1).

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VRF that is easy to work with

A complete solution that saves time and money at every stage of your project, from Design to Maintenance. Our complete ecosystem of indoor & outdoor units, smart apps and hardware features work together as a complete solution.
Highlights include…

  • Design VRF systems using fewer outdoor units with single unit capacity up to 30HP (maximum combination up to 120HP) and 200% indoor unit connection capacity

  • Engineers can configure VRF outdoor units up to 4X faster using the airCloud Tap application(2). Simply tap a smart phone near an outdoor unit or wired controller to access more than 200 setting parameters via NFC. For complex installations settings may be copy-pasted to multiple units in just a few clicks.

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Seamless comfort

Seamless comfort for building occupants, anywhere, anytime. Solves common problems of HVAC solutions including unstable temperatures, direct air and more.

  • Constant indoor temperature even during part-load operation with SmoothDrive 2.0

  • Original & leading-edge technology including GentleCool and CrowdSense, for enhanced occupant comfort

  • Neighborhood-friendly outdoor unit with 3dB(A) lower noise output on average (Night Shift mode)

  • Purifying your indoor air with our affordable IAQ solutions including ViroSense filters and the AQtiv-Ion ionizer kit

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Tech behind the VRF unit

We remain true to our legacy of fine Japanese design and engineering. Every Hitachi Cooling & Heating system is designed to perform reliably & efficiently with innovative technology that sets the benchmark for the industry.

  • Unique Heat Exchanger Design: proprietary sigma-shaped (Σ) heat exchanger that features a new 3-way path structure which expands the heat-transfer area and efficiency, and contains around 6000 aluminum fins and 350 copper tubes

  • In-house scroll compressor: Driven by a DC inverter motor and can operate in tiny increments of 0.1Hz, leading to a wider outdoor unit operating temperature range & better efficiency.

Brochures and catalogues: air365 Max (Cooling Only type)

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[1] (at Cooling Operation, Load Factor: Approx. 33%). Without SmoothDrive; average power consumption 2.46kW. With SmoothDrive; average power consumption 1.49kW. VRF ODU:(RAS-AP280DG3 = RAS-10FSNS). VRF IDU: 4-way cassette indoor units (RCI-AP140K5 = RCI-5.0FSRP). Indoor Unit Inlet Temperature: 27°C (Dry Bulb) / 19°C (Wet Bulb). Ambient Temperature at Air Volume “High”: 23°C (Dry Bulb). Piping Length between Indoor Unit and Outdoor Unit: 15m. Testing Location: Environment Testing Facility at Kansai Denryoku

[2] Conventional way to open and close the cover and manipulate dip/power switch takes 40min 40sec. By using airCloud Tap without opening the cabinets: takes 9min 40 sec. [Simulation scenario] total 4 ODUs initial setting. total 5 items setup; ODU number, Refrigerant cycle number, Higher ESP setting, Power Supply setting, and Compressor manual-off setting.