Ducted Medium Pressure (AC)

VRF Ducted Indoor Unit

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Ducted Medium Pressure (AC)

VRF Ducted Indoor Unit

When aesthetics take precedence, ducted-type indoor units stand out as the epitome of flexibility and integration. They prove to be an excellent choice for a wide array of settings, including hotels, restaurants, residences, and any application where discreet operation and efficient fresh air distribution are paramount. In the case of relatively medium-large spaces that demand both visual aesthetics and performance, the Ducted Medium-Pressure (RPIM-HNAUN1Q) unit emerges as the ideal choice. Thanks to its medium ESP availability and twp-step ESP control (either 50 or 80Pa), it facilitates the most flexible duct design, ensuring indoor spaces remain undisturbed by the air conditioner while maintaining a consistently comfortable environment, driven by AC-inverter fan motor.
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Meeting Design Requirements

Thanks to its extensive range of capacities, ranging from 2.2 to 7.1kW, available in two different cabinet sizes, the Ducted Medium-Pressure Indoor Unit (AC-inverter motor type) is exceptionally versatile. It can seamlessly accommodate a wide range of spaces with flexible duct designs, owing to its broad external static pressure (ESP) availability, which includes options of 50 and 80 Pa.
Furthermore, its low-profile design, standing at a height of 270mm for entire capacitity, allows the Ducted Medium-ESP unit to be installed in locations where ceiling height remains a concern or where plenum space is limited.

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Better indoor quality

'Our system operates quietly, with sound pressure levels as low as 24dB(A), while offering powerful and adjustable air supply with up to 3 settings, ensuring a perfectly comfortable indoor environment for everyone.
Our AQtiv-Ion Kit, available as an optional accessory, enhances indoor air quality by generating negative ions and dispersing them into the air without requiring an independent fan. Instead, it utilizes the airflow from the air conditioner, resulting in minimal impact on noise levels and energy consumption. This kit conveniently fits inside the pre-installed air conditioner, offering a practical and efficient solution for air purification.

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Simplified Installation

Our Ducted Medium ESP indoor units are designed to accommodate an optional drain condensate pump with an 900mm lift from the drop ceiling's surface. This feature streamlines the arrangement of condensate piping, making the installation process more efficient and expeditious.

Torres Brothers Restaurant Case Study I What our customers say?

“It’s important that the air conditioning reaches the guests without disrupting the cooking”
Sergio and Javier Torres, chefs and restaurant owners

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