Floor-Ceiling Convertible

VRF Indoor Unit

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Floor-Ceiling Convertible

VRF Indoor Unit

VRF Floor-Ceiling Convertible Unit: An uncomplicated and adaptable indoor climate solution with simplified installation features.
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Effortless Versatility

When prioritizing both performance and practicality, the Floor-Ceiling Convertible VRF indoor units stand as a highly functional solution. Ideal for cultivating a serene and cozy ambiance within small to medium-sized spaces, each unit seamlessly adapts, offering the option for floor mounting or ceiling suspension.

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Design Flexibility

Achieving the desired setup is effortless. These units can be easily installed on the ceiling or positioned just above the wall near the floor, all without necessitating any cutting or removal of ceiling false-ceiling components.

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Optional Solutions

  • Optional Condensate Drain Pump Available:

  • Enhanced Air Quality and Freshness: The design integrates a fresh air intake, ensuring superior air quality and a revitalizing atmosphere.

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