Bangladesh Bhavan at Visva Bharati University | Hitachi VRF project in Santiniketan, India

VRF – Ventilation

The place: a new cultural center houses a 450-seat auditorium


The Bangladesh Bhavan center, launched by the Bangladesh Government and the Visva Bharati, Santiniketa, celebrates the cultural ties between India and Bangladesh. At over 44,000sq.ft, the two-storey building includes a 450 seat auditorium, museum, a library with 6,000 books, a research center, two seminar halls and a cafeteria.

In this West Bengal region of India, high ambient temperatures can be a big challenge, requiring superior air conditioning performance and reliability. The Visva Bharti University required powerful air conditioning with low noise levels. Acoustics are critical for this auditorium where conferences and speeches are delivered.

The architectural consultant ACME and HVAC consultant Mr Manoj Chakraborty stressed the requirement of the air distribution system to prevent hot air pockets within the large auditorium.


The solution: Hitachi VRF & Ventilation address the large air volume challenge


The 450 seat auditorium room, with high ceiling (30ft/9.1m), was particularly challenging in terms of the high airflow and humidity control requirements. The Hitachi VRF SET FREE Kyosho Series was ideal to meet the cooling demands of this project.

  • 300HP total capacity was required as the building includes a glass-roofed central hall bathed in sunlight. The Hitachi solution ensures indoor comfort even during high outdoor temperatures – up to 45˚C can be experienced in summer.
  • The impressive auditorium room required large air flow, and so the ducted indoor units produced an air flow velocity of 3,400CFM (Cubic Feet per Meter) - one of the highest in the market. This solution prevented excessive over-cooling while meeting the required air flow. The ducted units also operate very quietly, which is key in the conference and library rooms.
  • The ducted units also operate very quietly, which is key in the conference and library rooms.
  • For effective ventilation, the system was combined with four Hitachi fresh air indoor units. With 3,540CFM air flow rate - the highest capacity in the market at that time.
  • Hitachi´s unique energy saving technologies employed in the SET FREE Kyosho Series were a key consideration in the bidding process. The 27-step speed control automates continuous precise adjustment of the air conditioning operation to meet indoor demand while reducing the power input. With the two-stage oil separator, less oil is transmitted to the oil separator minimizing the quantity of oil in the second stage and resulting in a 3.45% increase in energy efficiency.




  1. Bangladesh Bhavan - Case Study (PDF)


Santiniketan, India


New built

Date of installation


Total System Capacity

300 HP

Outdoor Units

SET FREE Kyosho series Heat Pump type 6 units (18HP) • 4 units (48HP)

Indoor Units

High Air Quantity 6 units (18HP) 3,400CFM • 8 units (3HP) 1,000CFM 4-Way Cassette • 4 units (2HP) Wall-mounted • 4 units (2HP)


All Fresh Air Indoor Unit • 4 units (20HP) 3,540CFM