airCloud Go Adapter

Wi-Fi Gateway Accessory

airCloud Go Adapter

Wi-Fi Gateway Accessory

The airCloud Go Adapter is an accessory to connect Hitachi air conditioners to cloud-based app, via wifi connection. Use this compact plug & play device to enjoy a smarter air.
*Energy Cost Estimator is available on selected air conditioner models onl

Enjoy a connected air conditioner!

By connecting your air conditioner, you will be able to control your air conditioner with one touch anytime & anywhere.

  • Turn on/off

  • Change temperature, operation mode, air flow direction and fan speed

  • Smart-Fence to link air conditioning to your location and automatize operation as you leave and arrive

  • Energy Cost Estimator*

  • FrostWash activation

  • Voice command by Google Home or Alexa smart speaker

More information on airCloud Go app here.

airCloud Go Adapter_1
airCloud Go adapter is recommended for Type 1.

For selected Hitachi air conditioners series

The airCloud adapter is designed for the following type of air conditioners:
(Type 1) Air conditioners compatible for wifi connection, requiring the addition of Hitachi aircloud adapter

The airCloud Go adapter is not suitable for the following types:
(Type 2) Air conditioners embedded with a wifi chip, which means they are ready to connect to airCloud without needing an adapter
(Type 3) Non-connectable air conditioners. airCloud Go cannot be paired with them

Check the list of compatible air conditioners here.

airCloud Go Adapter_2

Invisible AC wifi adapter installation ...

(Applicable for SPX-WFG03)

The SPX-WFG03 model can be placed inside the selected airHome air conditioner. The indoor unit has readily available space. This way, it's completely invisible.

airCloud Go Adapter_3

.... or bottom external

(Applicable for all models: SPX-WFA, SPX-WFG02 & SPX-WFG03)

airCloud Adapter can be placed onto the bottom of your air conditioner. The white color blends in with the air conditioner and makes it almost invisible to others.

Adapters are compact: Only 8cm long! (Full dimensions: 80x40x16.5mm)

airCloud Go Adapter_4_0
airCloud Go Adapter_4_1
airCloud Go Adapter_4_2
airCloud Go Adapter_4_3
airCloud Go Adapter_5

Plug & play accessory

The adapter does not require an additional power source and works silently. The adapter includes the cable connecting to the air conditioning indoor unit.

(1) Your Hitachi air conditioner (2) airCloud Adapter (3) Your home wireless wifi network (4) your smartphone & airCloud Go app

Easy configuration

  • airCloud Go connection is achieved via wifi network (1)

  • Simplified configuration process is supported with clear step-by-step instructions.

  • Air conditioner pairing can be made by QR code, supplied in the Adapter’s box.

WATCH VIDEO to pair airCloud Adapter to airCloud Go app
(1) Access to a 2.4GHz wifi network is necessary. Not connectable by Bluetooth or 3G/4G network.

Watch our installation tutorial

Click on the video to see how to install the airCloud Go adapter below your air conditioner


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