Samurai M

Air-cooled reversible chiller - scroll Inverter compressor

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Samurai M

Air-cooled reversible chiller - scroll Inverter compressor

Performance and compactness
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More environmentally-friendly and high-performance

The Samurai M operates with the refrigerant R454B and its GWP of 466, a fluid that is 30% less polluting than R32. In addition to its ecological benefits, this new fluid also delivers improved energy performance, making the Samurai M an ideal solution for all new RE2020 projects. Thanks to R454B, the Samurai M boasts improved values, with a SEER of 4.93 and SCOP of 3.75.

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Concept 100% modulant

Thanks to its Inverter compressor and electronically commutated fans, the Samurai M benefits from truly precise regulation. The result is stable water temperatures and improved reactivity in the event of load failure. This control finesse also enables significant energy savings in the event of partial load.

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Very low noise level

The Samurai M range is the quietest on the market. What's more, all models feature a low-noise option that saves an average of 6dB(A), maximizing user comfort.

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Energy excellence

The Samurai M has been designed to meet tomorrow's energy efficiency requirements in line with the latest European eco-design regulations. (SEER: 4.93, SCOP: 3.75)

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Modularity and safety

The modular concept of the Samurai M allows up to 32 groups to be combined, to adapt to any project and its evolution. The result is a level of safety unique on the market, thanks to the independence of each module.


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