WVY Series

Water-Cooled Screw Variable Speed Drive Chiller

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WVY Series

Water-Cooled Screw Variable Speed Drive Chiller

RCUF-WVY is designed to meet today and tomorrow’s market requirements
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Exceptional Performance

- Chillers operate up to 99% of the time at off-design conditions
- Typically, operating costs are 8-10 times the initial chiller cost
- Power factor as high as 0.95 -A Stable Power factor (PF) improves energy savings
- Exceeding top class of efficiency standard
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Robust Reliability

- Screw compressor for surge-free design
- Hitachi has nearly 50 years of research, development and production experience of twin screw compressor
- Various THD solution
- Low inrush current ensures longer life
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Intelligent Control

Advanced Control System
- User friendly interface for easy operation
- Powerful diagnostics
- Wide VFD modulation range drives for higher efficiency


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