Advanced Color wired controller (PC-ARFG)

Wall Mounted Room Controller

Advanced Color wired controller (PC-ARFG)

Wall Mounted Room Controller

VRF individual zone controller
Advanced Color wired controller (PC-ARFG)_0

A new generation of controller

Bring color into your life! The Advanced Color wired controller has a 4.3-inch screen and uses a pallet of modern colors and engaging pictograms that offer a fresh-looking interface.
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Easy energy savings

New and improved scheduling options facilitate the planning of air conditioning based on the building’s business hours. Energy saving modes can be easily scheduled to prevent usage during peak hours and visual graphs display the indoor unit’s energy consumption to help users improve efficiency.
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Adjust comfort in a breeze

All the latest features of Hitachi VRF are available with this controller. From 0.5ºC precision set temperature to advanced GentleCool anti-cold draft settings, everyone can create a pleasant atmosphere in one touch.
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Multilingual setting

"• Special Hotel display mode: Direct access to the most essential settings demanded by short term guests

• Operates in 6 languages: English, Chinese (Simplified/Traditional), Japanese, French, Spanish, Portuguese

• Can be set as ºC or ºF to suit needs

• Setback temperature interlocking with room key card "
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Award-winning design

"Thanks to its sleek & modern design, the Advanced Color controller received a Red Dot Award and an iF Design Award, both honoring the product’s mix of high aesthetics and intuitive design. The curved front panel creates an extra touch
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Compatible with a wide range of indoor units available to suit each room settings.


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