Ducted Indoor

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Ducted Indoor

Easily installed, highly discreet ducted units for consistent high-powered cooling all year round. Available in 3 different external static pressure range for selection

Flexible Intakes

Air intakes at the bottom and rear of the unit provide more options for installation. This allows for multiple configuration to suit any type of building setting. 

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Energy Efficiency

A high energy efficiency rating ensures that you can maintain optimised cooling all day long, ensuring comfort comes at an affordable cost.

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Widest choice of indoor units

At work or home, you want to be in control of your indoor environment. Hitachi's ducted unit available in High, Medium, Low, and Compact ESP models gives you the versatility to complement any interior.

High ESP (90/120/180Pa) 

Medium ESP (50/80Pa for 0.8-2.5HP class, 100Pa for 8.0-10.0HP class)

Low ESP (30Pa for 0.8-2.5HP class, 60Pa for 3.0-6.0HP class)



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