4-way cassette Twin-Sense panel

4-way cassette VRF Indoor Unit

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4-way cassette Twin-Sense panel

4-way cassette VRF Indoor Unit

Twin-Sense panel: Leading-edge technology for Elevating comfort, optimizing cooling and heating in VRF 4-way cassettes.
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What is Twin-Sense panel?

The Twin-Sense panel embodies advanced technology designed for VRF 4-way cassette indoor units, enhancing both comfort and the efficiency of cooling and heating within your environment.
A significant departure from standard decorative panels lies in its inclusion of two distinct sensors:

  • Four human-motion detection sensors

  • One radiation temperature sensor

These components empower the 4-way cassette Twin-Sense panel to discern the level of activity in the room and gauge the radiation temperature across the entire space, including from surfaces like the floor or tables. This intelligent analysis allows the panel to fine-tune the indoor environment, catering precisely to the comfort requirements of the area.
By incorporating this panel, you unlock access to specialized comfort features, including:

  • The CrowdSense feature

  • The FloorSense Cooling feature

  • The FeetWarm Heating feature


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CrowdSense Feature

Hitachi Exclusive! Perfect for diverse settings such as meeting rooms, restaurants, and museums, where occupancy fluctuations are frequent. Traditional air conditioning often struggles to maintain consistent comfort when additional occupants introduce fresh heat sources. However, with Crowd-Sense predictive control, experience unwavering indoor temperatures despite crowd size shifts. The Hitachi Twin-Sense cassette is adept at sensing crowd arrival or departure. By harnessing AI capabilities, the cassette accurately predicts human heat source changes and promptly adapts the air conditioning settings in response.

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FloorSense Cooling feature

Mitigating floor overcooling! In instances where a room experiences extended cooling, the potential issue of floor overcooling may arise. This occurs as colder air descends beneath layers of warmer air. However, with the inclusion of a radiant sensor, this concern is promptly addressed. The system detects instances of excessively cold flooring and subsequently modulates the air conditioning, ensuring a gentler airflow to avert overcooling.

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FeetWarm Heating feature

Ensuring holistic winter comfort! Introducing Intelligent heated air distribution, meticulously designed to cater to the entire human body. FeetWarm, a sophisticated yet effortless comfort function featured in our Twin-Sense cassette, seamlessly amalgamates multiple parameters. It effectively counters the common occurrence of cold air descending and hot air ascending, crafting an encompassing warmth that blankets every occupant.

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And more…

Hitachi's Twin-Sense panel offers you the capability to activate a range of additional comfort features, including:

  • Individual Louver Control: Tailor each flap's direction for a personalized airflow experience.

  • Precise Airflow Angle: Ingeniously directing cold air at a gentle 15-degree angle to prevent direct drafts.

  • Exclusive GentleCool Technology: Our proprietary GentleCool feature further elevates comfort.

  • Choice of Direct/Indirect Airflow: Select your preferred air sensation—noticeable or subtle—and let the air conditioner adjust the louvers accordingly.

  • Auto-Save Feature: This function intuitively aligns air conditioning output with human activity levels. The Twin-Sense panel of the 4-way cassette detects occupancy and, in the absence of activity for a defined period, the air conditioner automatically deactivates.


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