AC Apps & Controllers for home

Enjoy greater convenience thanks to our remote controllers for AC. Thanks to their intuitive interface everyone can create a perfect atmosphere.

Award-winning air conditioning controllers designed for greater convenience

Hitachi air conditioning controllers come with state-of-the-art control interface. Everyone can make their own perfect air in one touch. Home AC controls are not only about setting temperature and speed, but also about customizing the air based on their preferences and routine. For those who wants to remain connected from anywhere, apps & voice command solutions are available.

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4 types of AC controllers

Hitachi air conditioners offer various types of controls:

  • The hand-held remote controller, supplied in the air conditioner box

  • (Optional) To meet specific requirements, a fixed wall wired thermostat can be used*

  • Operate your AC even when you are not at home, with the free airCloud Go smartphone app

  • The app can also serve as a smart speaker, compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home

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AC controllers you can actually use

From handheld remote controllers to wall-mounted room controls, our range of air conditioning controllers for home feature simple intuitive menus and buttons, advanced functionality, great haptics, and simple modern designs that blend into any home.
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AC controllers with award-winning iconogropahy for ease of understanding

We know indecipherable symbols on remote control displays are frustrating for users. That’s why we spent a year to design and test clear iconography to use on our latest generation of AC remotes and apps, winning a Red Dot Design Award for our work in 2022.
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Program the AC to save energy and plan ahead

Hitachi air conditioning controllers comes with timers and scheduling functionalities. For example, you can pre-cool your place before arriving home, program the AC to turn off automatically during the night. In addition to enhanced comfort, it also helps you save energy.
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Other benefits

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New airHome controllers enable you to save your preferred temperature, fan speed, wind direction and mode settings, and activate them with a single button.
No need to keep adjusting the temperature
Input your desired room temperature and activate “auto-fan speed” and the unit will automatically adjust fan speed and Cooling/Heating output to maintain your preferred temperature
Precise temperature control

Some air conditioners enable you to input the set temperature in increments of 0.5°C, so you can achieve just the right temperature for you.
Silence or power at the touch of a button
Powerful mode (for rapid Cooling/Heating of a room) with dedicated buttons.
The latest Hitachi features at your fingertips
From SleepSense automated temperature control during sleep, to FrostWash automated heat exchanger cleaning and AQtiv-Ion air quality enhancement… access premium Hitachi features instantly with dedicated buttons on the handheld remote.
Filter cleaning reminder
The handheld remote will remind you when it is time to clean the AC filter
Choose your Hitachi Cooling & Heating system