HAU-CL-EXE series

Waste Heat Driven Hot Water Absorption Chiller (Single stage)

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HAU-CL-EXE series

Waste Heat Driven Hot Water Absorption Chiller (Single stage)

The HAU-CL-EXE series is a type of single-effect steam absorption chiller that utilizes various types of waste heat from gas engines, gas turbines, solar heat panels, district heating systems, factory production processes, etc. in the form of hot water. These products provide an optimum solution for energy and cost savings in total systems and supply chilled water.
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Energy Saving and High Efficiency

The HAU-CL-EXE series utilizes hot water from sources such as solar heating or waste heat generated by generators, incinerators, or production processes. This unit can result in significant energy savings. Furthermore, it boasts high efficiency, achieving a Coefficient of Performance (COP) of 0.75.

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Wide Cooling Capacity and Robust Performance

The system can offer a nominal capacity ranging from 30 USRT to 500 USTR and is capable of delivering chilled water with temperatures ranging from 13 ℃ to 8℃, as well as supplying cooling water with temperatures between 31℃ and 37℃. Additionally, it relies on a heat source provided by hot water with temperatures ranging from 88℃ to 83℃.

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Compact size and Easy Installation

The chiller not only offers a compact size for space-saving benefits but also ensures easy installation. The smallest model of this chiller, with dimensions measuring 1900mm in length, 1250mm in width, and 2050mm in height (L × W × H), provides a substantial cooling capacity of 30 USRT.


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