airHome 400

Wall-mount Cooling Only Inverter AC (RAK/RAC-DJ-PCAST)

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airHome 400

Wall-mount Cooling Only Inverter AC (RAK/RAC-DJ-PCAST)

Award-winning design. Great performance. Adopt airHome 400 series to elevate your indoor air quality while cooling effectively. | EGAT MARK 5
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New stylish design make a nice interior

The airHome 400 indoor unit adopted the Duality Design Philosophy by Hitachi. With a sleek curvy panel, it’ll perfectly blend into your room.

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Keep your home fresh & cool with 0.5˚C precision

Feel exactly like you desire, as the remote control enables 0.5˚C precision in the set temperature. Dry mode and cool mode guarantee your home remains comfortable all year long.

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airCloud Go app: Set Your Ideal Temperature From Anywhere

Add an airCloud Home adapter SPX-WFG03​

(optional accessory) to control the air from anywhere. ​

  • Energy cost estimator to monitor costs and receive alerts as you approach your monthly budget limit ​

  • The Smart-Fence links the AC operation to your location, for automatic turn off or setback when you leave and automatic precooling/preheating when you get home. ​

  • Voice command via your favorite smart speakers is also available, pairing airCloud Go with Amazon Alexa and Google Home.​

​More info on airCloud Go here.

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Vector DC Inverter technology

Our Cascade Vector DC Inverter System is equipped with a microchip to control the speed of the compressor. A split rotor with displaced electrical poles enables electromagnetic noise suppression and optimizes low-speed energy-efficiency. ​

With inverter technology, an air conditioner cools with maximum capacity at start-up, then automatically slows down and operates at a minimal capacity to maintain room temperature at a comfortable level. Non-inverter models can only operate with simple on-off controls. Trying to maintain the desired temperature by repeatedly switching power on and off consumes much more electricity and results in bigger temperature fluctuations.

3 air purifying features:

FrostWash cleans the heat exchange coil

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FrostWash cleans the heat exchange coil

Our renowned FrostWash technology activates to remove the dirt and mold accumulated on the indoor unit’s heat exchanger coil. ​

It freezes the heat exchanger down to 15ºC to trap pollutants and dust in the ice and then melts them to flush them away.​

FrostWash provides dual benefits:​

  • Sanitizing effects: 99% viruses eliminated [1], 99% bacteria eliminated[2], 95% mold reduction [3]

  • Preservation of airflow capacity: Our tests show that systems with FrostWash are 3×better at maintaining airflow performance than those without this technology[4]

PM2.5 Active Carbon filters

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PM2.5 Active Carbon filters

PM2.5 Active Carbon air purifying filter ​

A special Active Carbon air purifying filter is embedded inside the indoor unit to improve indoor air quality ​

Remove 99.00% of particulate matters [5] as small as 2.5 um (micron). ​

Effective against anti-VOC and deodorizes the room, leaving the air fresh, breathable, and clean.

Stop the causes of AC odors

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Stop the causes of AC odors

Whenever the unit is switched off, the mold guard function automatically blows air through internal components to prevent the build-up of mold – the primary cause of those nasty odors.


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