1-Way Cassette Type

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1-Way Cassette Type

A highly adaptable and affordable cooling solution for growing businesses. Perfect for private rooms or enclosed meeting spaces.
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Silent Operation

Well-designed fans and inlets allow units to run at a calming 27 db(A).
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3-Way installations

Choose from three installation modes. • ‘Corner type’ installations provide generous ceiling space for lighting and are perfect for perimeter installations. • ‘Clipped Ceiling (one-way)’ installations are ideal for shallow or clipped ceilings. • ‘Clipped Ceiling (two-way) provides all the benefits on a clipped ceiling installation, but with additional two-direction airflow capability.
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High Ceiling Space

With a drainpipe measuring 850mm and a downwards cooling range of 5.3m, businesses have high flexibility of installation, no matter their ceiling height.