airPoint Room H700

Wired remote controller for multi-split AC (SPX-URFG)

airPoint Room H700

Wired remote controller for multi-split AC (SPX-URFG)

Control and customize the temperature in a glimpse with airPoint Room H700 controller! This wall-mounted thermostat combine award-winning esthetics and super-intuitive interface, for your greater convenience.
airPoint Room H700_0

To each room its perfect air

airPoint Room H700 enable to adjust the AC operation to your needs, including temperature, speed and airflow direction.
In situations requiring fast cooling, activate the powerful mode for faster reach of the desired temperature.

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Colored display & simplified navigation

Part of the latest generation of Hitachi controllers, the airPoint Room H700 adopted the Duality Design philosophy, merging functionality with sleek esthetics.
The colourful controller’s panel include easy-to-understand pictograms and graphs to quickly find and comprehend each setting.

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Improve the indoor air quality

From the controller, you can activate FrostWash, our unique coil self-cleaning to remove bacteria, viruses and mold that may have formed on the inside heat exchanger.

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Monitor your energy consumption

With the power consumption display, you can assess how much energy your AC system has been consuming.
Thanks to visual graphs and charts, you can compare different periods of time to better identify energy saving opportunities.

13 language interface
Languages available: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian
Portuguese, Danish, Dutch, Greek, Croatian, Czech, Polish, Romanian
My mode
For each room’s indoor unit: ‘My Mode’ enables you to save your preferred AC settings to re-create the ideal atmosphere in one touch.
Easy-to-program schedule
You can set timers and weekly schedule easily thanks to dedicated visual layouts.
Option: simultaneous control of multiple ACs
You can connect and group multiple indoor units to one controller unit, by installing Hitachi Group Control Adapter (SPX-DST1)


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