Heat Pump phone & web application

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Heat Pump phone & web application

The CSNET Home app lets home owners and users manage their Hitachi air-to-water heating solution through a smartphone, even when they are not at home. Download from the iOS or Google Play store for free.
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Designed for Yutaki and Yutampo air-to-water heat pumps

Compatible with the full range of Yutaki air-to-water heat pumps that provide both space heating and domestic hot water for homes, and Yutampo air-to-water tank and heater solution. Products require installation of the ATW-IOT IoT gateway device which simply connects via a cable to the heat pump and communicates over Wi-Fi to a home router.

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Solution for large homes: supports 2 air-to-water heat pumps

Connect 2 separate air-to-water heat pump systems with one ATW-IOT IoT gateway device and control them both from the same app – ideal for larger homes with greater heating and hot water needs.

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Manage everything remotely through your smartphone

Manage hot water and heating timers including a weekly timer with holiday mode, temperatures and more, remotely or at home. Monitor current and historical power consumption, operational data by different zones, and receive alarm notification and descriptions in the event of a fault, which can easily be shared with a qualified technician. Benefit from remote monitoring and maintenance services using qualified installers, who can use the CSNET Home Pro app to monitor system performance 24/7.


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