RIPW Series (Medium Pressure)

Ducted Medium Pressure Fan Coil Unit

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RIPW Series (Medium Pressure)

Ducted Medium Pressure Fan Coil Unit

The ducted model high static fan coil is built with up to 80Pa of available static pressure to handle high external static pressure. Designed to be versatile for every installation need, the unit can be installed horizontally or vertically and comes with multiple capacity options.
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Comprehensive range offering installation flexibility

With a comprehensive range of multiple different capacity sizes[1] and 5 coil arrangements, our lineup offers a selection of more than 30 distinct models. Whether you're inclined towards single coil 2 pipe configurations or two coil 4 pipe versions, our offerings are tailored to provide a solution that precisely suits your requirements.

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Low noise, high efficiency ducted medium static fan coils

Our ducted fan coils are fitted with AC motors as standard, offering remarkable energy efficiency. Besides being among one of the highest energy efficiency offering in market, our ducted fan coil is also among one of the quietest[2]. Experience the comfort of a tranquil environment while benefiting from one of the highest energy-efficient solutions in the market.

Additional Benefits

Ease of installation
The flow and return pipe connections are situated on the same side of the unit as standard, creating easy access to piping.

Efficient, durable heat exchanger
Heat-exchanger constructed using drawn copper tube with mechanically bonded aluminum fins – durable, cool and heat efficiently

Safety and quality assured
The ducted medium static fan coils are certified with IP20 and class B certifications, ensuring top-notch standards.

Easy-to-wash filter
Washable synthetic filter encased in a metal frame which fits into special sliding guides to allow for easy insertion and removal.


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