RIPW Series (High static AC)

Ducted fan coil (high static pressure)

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RIPW Series (High static AC)

Ducted fan coil (high static pressure)

Ducted high-pressure fan coils are compatible with up to 160Pa of static pressure, enabling their use in complex ducted installations.
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Diverse choices to cater to every requirement.

Explore an extensive range of HVAC solutions tailored to your unique needs. With a wide array of options, our product line offers exceptional flexibility. Featuring various capacity sizes[1] and 6 coil arrangements, we present an impressive selection of approximately 30 distinct models. Whether you're in search of single-coil 2-pipe configurations or two-coil 4-pipe versions, our range guarantees a custom-fit solution that precisely matches your requirements.

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Silent Efficiency Ducted High Static Fan Coils

Discover the perfect balance of quietness and energy efficiency. Our units are designed with peaceful centrifugal fans in sturdy galvanized steel, offering one of the quietest noise levels[2] available while ensuring excellent energy efficiency. With standard AC motors, our technology guarantees efficient and peaceful operation, creating a truly comfortable environment.

Additional Benefits

Easy installation
As the standard configuration, both the flow and return pipe connections are conveniently located on the same side of the unit, ensuring simple access to the piping.

Efficient and durable heat exchanger
Our heat exchanger is built using drawn copper tubes with mechanically bonded aluminum fins, ensuring durability and efficient transfer of both cooling and heating.

Guaranteed safety and top-notch quality.
The ducted hig static fan coils are certified with IP20 and class B certifications, ensuring top-notch standards.

Easy-to-wash filter
The washable filter, covered in a metal frame, easily slides into special guides for simple putting in and taking out.


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