Commercial IoT Solutions & Controllers

Explore our range of controllers & digital tools. From Eco-Compact remote controllers to airCloud Pro app, you’ll find the right solution!


There’s a Hitachi Commercial IoT solution for every aspect of HVAC management

Hitachi Cooling & Heating’s award-winning range of apps and controllers offer a complete suite of integrated technologies for all aspects of HVAC management from design and specification selection to operation, commissioning to maintenance. Our portfolio includes simplified controllers for occupants to centralized control systems for building managers and professionals. Phone apps and web-based software for remote management and monitoring, to a dedicated commissioning and maintenance app for HVAC engineers to configure and service systems.
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Individual and/or centralized air conditioning controller for end-users

To operate the AC and control the indoor temperature, we offer two types of commercial AC controllers:

• Individual controllers for building’s occupants: hand-held or wired remote controllers can control the AC of one zone (up to 16 indoor units simultaneously)
• Centralized controls for facility managers and building owners: our exclusive Central Stations enable you to monitor and control up to 2,560 units from one central point

(For cloud-based control: check out our airCloud Pro monitoring tool)
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AC IoT & Digital tools for business and professionals

Game-changing airCloud suite of digital tools provides end-to-end support for HVAC professionals:

  • System design & unit selection with airCloud Select

  • Commissioning & configuration with airCloud Tap

  • Daily operation & temperature control with airCloud Pro

  • Maintenance, error detection and troubleshooting with airCloud Tap & airCloud Pro

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Award-winning interfaces, connecting HVAC to humans

Whether for a first-time building visitor or a trained professional, our new-generation controllers & apps offer simplicity. Available in multiple languages, the interfaces of each product also embeds modern graphs and intuitive visual icons.

Scroll down to see the list of awards obtained by our control solutions.

Awarded for design excellence

Red Dot Award obtained for exclusive series of Hitachi Cooling & Heating icons which is used in the latest apps & controllers

European Product Design Award obtained for the Advanced-Color controller & airPoint Room 700, for its sleek design with curved front panel. (more info here)

UX Design Awards obtained for the airCloud Tap app, for enabling the reading & writing of HVAC equipment by NFC technology.

IF Design Award obtained for the Advanced-Color controller & airPoint Room 700, for its sleek design with curved front panel (more info here)

SPARK Design Award obtained for airCloud Pro app & web interface, for making cloud-based monitoring of HVAC systems easier than ever (more info here)

RedDot Award obtained for the modern and intuitive interface of the airCloud Select system design tool (more info here).

RedDot Award obtained for the Advanced-Color controller & airPoint Room 700, for its sleek design with curved front panel (more info here).



[1] Availability varies on controllers and/or connected air conditioning unit models
[2] Requires additional accessory