CSNET Manager 2 Lite

Local Ethernet & Web Browser-based Remote Management & Monitoring Solution

CSNET Manager 2 Lite

Local Ethernet & Web Browser-based Remote Management & Monitoring Solution

CSNET Manager 2 Lite is a digital HVAC control system that stores data locally on-site rather than in the cloud while still enabling control via a computer locally or remotely over the internet. Designed specifically for small and medium commercial buildings that want access to more advanced timer functions, operational data logging and multi-tenant management, without the cost and complexity of a full building management solution.
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On-site data storage & remote management in one solution

For organizations who are concerned about cloud-based control systems because of compliance or security concerns, CSNET is an effective solutions because it offers the advantages of a digital HVAC control system, while retaining all data and control capabilities on-site. Optionally, it can be connected via ethernet to a web router for remote management over the internet.

Multi-tenant functionality

For buildings with multiple tenants, CSNET Lite offers an integrated solution to both control and energy consumption reporting.

  • The CSNET Lite interface enables a facilities or building manager to configure different user accounts with different access rights, so that each tenant can control and monitor the units only within their own rented space.

  • Each tenant can create their own weekly schedules which are visible only to the tenant or overall facility manager

  • Individual occupants within a tenanted zone can control each IDU from the wall-mounted room controller or through the CSNET Lite browser interface, enabling complete convenience and control over their comfort

  • Estimated power consumption for each indoor unit can be viewed by both the facilities manager and individual tenants according to how the facilities manager configures their access. This enables administrators to monitor and analyze power consumption over time and make adjustments accordingly to optimize energy efficiency.

  • Additionally, the system is compatible with a range of 3rd party power meters to enable more accurate power metering of specific zones or units, with the data being automatically visualized within CSNET Manager 2. Up to 8 power meters can be supported.

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Compatible with Hitachi VRF, room AC & air-to-water products

Connect up to 64 indoor units including Hitachi VRF systems and room (split) AC solutions; room AC solutions require use of an adapter. Within these 64 indoor units, up to 8 air-to-water indoor units can be supported, enabling a complete cooling and heating solution to be controlled from the CSNET web browser interface.

Additionally, up to 64 outdoor units (VRF or split) can be supported, or a combination of up to 16 VRF or split outdoor units and 8 air-to-water outdoor units.

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Advanced data logging and reporting

Facility managers can access graphical charts showing current operational data of individual units and view historical data up to 1 year old. For detailed analysis of the behavior of both the HVAC installation and actions from users, a complete log of all commands to each indoor unit – whether coming from the web browser interface or a room controller – can be downloaded to Excel.

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Set control parameters for multiple room controllers

CSNET enables a facility manager to remotely adjust control parameters such as operation modes, set temperature ranges, timers and more, for each wall mounted room controller in the network. This saves considerable time as it is no longer necessary to visit each controller, and the settings can be implemented simultaneously across multiple controllers.

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Power consumption data

CSNET Manager can estimate the power consumption of each individual indoor unit and display the data over any custom time period, making it easy for facility managers to estimate upcoming energy bills, analyze energy performance or give tenants an analysis of their energy consumption. Data and charts can be exports to a spreadsheet for easy use in other applications.

For more precise energy consumption data that can also be used for tenant billing, a range of 3rd party power meters compatible with the Modbus IP protocol can be installed and connected to CSNET Manager.

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Multiple external connectors and interlock functions

CSNET Lite has 3 dry input contacts, supporting interlock with external devices such as fire alarms, BMS systems, hotel key card, change over switches, external timers, etc.

Multiple interlock functions to be set based on these external connections to CSNET Lite or from connected devices to each individual indoor unit (for example hotel room key cards or room temperature sensors). The interlock functions can be programmed using the simple CSNET Manager web browser interface to determine the conditions and actions. For example, in the event of a connected fire alarm being triggered, the HVAC system can be shut down. A specific control behaviour is available for server rooms, allowing the easy setting of Rotation and Back-up functions with email notifications and auto protection from over-heating of the room by triggering all HVAC units.

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Maintenance functions

Automatic reminder notifications for cleaning filters, performing general maintenance and checking key components such as compressors and fans after they reach specific operational lifecycle hours. All information can be viewed in a consolidated dashboard and email notifications activated if preferred.

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Advanced timers and perpetual yearly calendar

Program operation of individual indoor units or the entire system on a daily, weekly, seasonal or even a perpetual yearly calendar. The yearly calendar will automatically manager the changeover between heating and cooling in appropriate seasons and conditions, while at the same time, it is easy to adjust the schedule manually as needed.


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