Indoor Air Quality solutions (IAQ)

Breathe easy with our range of air renewal and air quality solutions: newly-installed AC systems, air handlers and easy to use ventilation options.

Boost Wellbeing with Fresh Air

Today, the average person spends more than 75% of their day indoors; at home, at work, in the gym, shopping or socialising. Many of these environments are effectively sealed and fresh air isn’t easily available.

Without proper ventilation, CO2 levels rise, pollutants circulate and potentially harmful bacteria build-up, impacting on the wellbeing, comfort and productivity of occupants.

Make these spaces as healthy and comfortable as possible by providing fresh air with our premium ventilation systems for commercial buildings.

Our line-up fulfills the ventilation requirements of the desired space by drawing in clean air from the outside and replenishing indoor spaces. It features solutions that suit every type of building; You can use the ventilation technology alone or it can be incorporated into an Hitachi indoor unit via the fresh-air port. Thanks to accessories like this, you can optimise the design of your system to meet your needs.

We provide heat treatment options that deliver fresh air at the temperature you want, and features like Free Cooling mode that help achieve significant energy savings. We are compatible with accessories that can further improve indoor air quality and operational efficiency like an optional C02 sensor, which activates the equipment only when necessary. This lowers energy consumption and generates better savings, which is particularly beneficial for larger installations.

Hitachi ventilation solutions can be combined with filters to work in harmony with your air conditioning units to contribute to an even healthier environment.

Our solutions put the health and comfort of our customers at the forefront, improving the safety of indoor environments to deliver the optimal experience, whatever the weather.

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Affordable solutions to enhance Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

Upgrade an Hitachi VRF system with specialized filters for cassette units. These affordable solutions can help to inhibit the spread of viruses, pollutants and odors.
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Integrate Air Handling Units with a VRF system for improved air quality

Use the Hitachi DX kit to connect a 3rd party DX air handling unit to an Hitachi VRF system, enabling seamless control of both the VRF indoor units and an AHU containing high-capacity air filters or other air purification equipment.
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Ventilation systems that help to cut energy bills by up to 79%

Hitachi’s range of KPI and Active KPI 2-way energy recovery ventilation (ERV) units offer an easy way to introduce 2-way ventilation to a VRF system (or commercial ducted split system for the KPI unit) while reducing the impact that ventilation normally has on air conditioning energy consumption. Compared to using a simple ventilation exhaust fan when running air conditioning, they reduce annual electricity consumption by up to 79%(1) because of the reduced loading on the AC, as the air leaving the building is replaced by air already conditioned to the set temperature indoors.


1. Calculations based on KPI-10002E3E working at nominal air flow rate using EN14825 standard to set working hours vs outdoor temperatures through the cooling and heating seasons. During cooling season an indoor nominal temperature of 27C (DB) and indoor nominal RH of 47% was assumed. Heating season indoor temperature of 20C (DB) and RH of 60% was assumed. Calculation determined that over cooling season a sensible cooling capacity totaling 4,402kW/h was required without the KPI unit to recover the ventilation effect on the indoor temperature, while with KPI operational the same number was 950kW/h. For heating the same figures were 26,172kW/h and 5,428kW/h respectively.

Explore our range of ventilation systems

Hitachi Air Conditioners and Ventilation technology

Our range of air conditioning and ventilation solutions provides households and businesses with the leading climate control technology to create and maintain comfortable and healthy indoor environments. Meeting the evolving requirements of our clients means that we are constantly innovating our systems, resulting in a collection of elegant and efficient options that are designed to adapt to you and the spaces that they inhabit. Our ventilation and air renewal systems help ensure clean and fresh air is available at all times.

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