Active KPI

2-Way Energy Recovery Ventilation Unit

Active KPI

2-Way Energy Recovery Ventilation Unit

Active KPI is a 2-way energy recovery ventilation (ERV) solution which exchanges energy between the exhaust air and the incoming fresh air so that the AC system does not have to work as hard. In addition to energy recovery, it also integrates the VRF refrigerant loop into the supply air side of the unit through use of a direct expansion valve coil to automatically adjust the incoming supply air to the room set temperature.
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Reduce annual electricity consumption by up to 79%

Normally, ventilation will significantly increase the loading on the AC because it has to work much harder to condition the incoming fresh air to the set temperature indoors. However, the Active KPI unit is able to reduce annual electricity consumption by up to 79%[1] compared to using a normal ventilation exhaust fan, because the incoming fresh air is pre-conditioned to be closer to the set temperature indoors.

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Integrating the VRF refrigerant loop

If a gap remains between the set temperature and this pre-conditioned air, it will automatically use the direct expansion valve coil integrated into the final air treatment stage of the supply air side, after ERV has been performed. This DX valve coil is connected to the VRF refrigerant loop to achieve complete integration of ventilation and temperature control from a single system.

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Energy recovery ventilation

The Active KPI unit works through an energy-recovery process that efficiently transfers the energy between the indoor and outdoor air streams without mixing them. It achieves this through use of a cross-flow sheet made of ultra-thin celluloid material.

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Air filtration and CO2 monitoring

The unit comes with G3 filters fitted to both the air inlet and outlet, with the option to add an additional F7 filter at the final air treatment stage. An optional CO2 sensor can be installed to enable more precise control of the ventilation based on the levels of CO2 detected indoors.

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Near-silent operation

The expanded polystyrene (EPS) internal structure has been designed to reduce the weight of the unit and the degree of air resistance. Combined with the use of highly-efficient EC fan motors, this has the effect of reducing the noise generated by the unit. In fact, Active KPI energy recovery ventilation units can run as low as 26dB(A) noise levels[2]. The EC fan motors themselves are up to 50% more energy efficient than normal fan motors[3].

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Connect to a Centralised controller, the CSNET Manager

Control of Active KPI units can be fully integrated with an Hitachi VRF system using H-LINK wiring and a Centralised controller, making it easier to operate and monitor ventilation and air conditioning as an integrated system.


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