airHome Multi

Multi-Split Inverter Heat Pump System (RAM-E-N2/3HAE)

airHome Multi

Multi-Split Inverter Heat Pump System (RAM-E-N2/3HAE)

Cool and heat up 2 to 3 rooms in one system! airHome Multi can fuel up to airHome 400 wall-mounted indoor units to one single outdoor unit, saving outdoor spaces and maintenance costs. ​ Energy Class: A++ (cool) /A+ (heat)

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Indoor Units

Outdoor Units

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Compatible with airHome 400 indoor units

The airHome multi can connect 2 or 3 indoor units of the airHome 400 series. ​
In addition to award-winning design, airHome 400 wall-mounted units are easy to install and distribute the airflow consistently across the room, with a long reach up to 24 meters.​

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Embeded wifi chip for remote control with your phone

airHome 400 indoor units integrate wifi connectivity. You can immediately download airCloud Go app and pair your ACs, so you can control your room’s temperature from anywhere at anytime. ​

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FrostWash removes mold & contaminants inside your AC

With its unique freezing-melting process, FrostWash is our famous self-cleaning feature to sanitize the interior heat exchanger coil.​

  • ​Maintains the indoor air quality by eliminating 99% of viruses and bacteria [1][2]

  • Removes 95% of mold, a common source of bad AC smell [3]

  • Contributes to maintaining the airflow capacity over the years [4]

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ViroSense Z1 filter purifies the air

airHome 400 units include ViroSense Z1 filter to help purifying your air. ​

  • ​Thanks to its zinc pyrithione coating, it inhibits airbone viruses & bacteria as the air circulates through the AC. ​

  • up to 99.9% effectiveness on viruses including SARS-CoV-2[5].

  • 99.0% effectiveness on bacteria [6]

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Our stylish thermostat to control the system

The airPoint Room H700 is designed to control multi-split system in a glimpse, enabling to customize the operation for each unit.


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Space saving: 1 outdoor unit instead of 3

Optimize the space usage by opting for one airHome Multi in lieu of two-three single split systems. ​


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To each room its ideal temperature

With airHome Multi, each indoor unit can be individually controlled, so you can personalize the atmosphere in each room. ​
You can rely on airHome Multi for all seasons:​

  • In summers, it will cool your home effectively by up to 46˚C.​

  • During cold season, airHome Multi is a perfect low carbon heating solution. It sustains heating operation by down to -15˚C.

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SafeGuard system for durable performance

  1. ​Cascade Vector DC Inverter technology​

  2. Auto-Restart in case of power failure​

  3. Fireproof Electrical Enclosure for more safety​

  4. Light blue anti-corrosion fins​

  5. Anti-Rust Painted Outdoor Casing​

  6. 3-Minute Delay Circuit

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Cascade Vector DC Inverter System

The system combines advanced technologies, resulting in higher performance. ​

Our Cascade Vector DC Inverter System is equipped with a microchip to control the speed of the compressor. A split rotor with displaced electrical poles enables electromagnetic noise suppression and optimizes low-speed energy-efficiency.​

The DC power system features quieter operation and 10% more efficiency than AC motors.​


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[1]Tested by Kitasato Research Center of Environmental Science. Test No. 2020_0650. Test model: RAS-X22K Reduction effects of virus was observed by operating FroshWash™ once.​
[2] Tested by Kitasato Research Center of Environmental Science. Test No. 2020_0650. Test model: RAS-X22K Reduction effects of bacteria was observed by operating FroshWash™ once.​
[3] Tested by Kitasato Research Center of Environmental Science. Test No. 2020_0650. Test model: RAS-X22K Reduction effects of mold was observed by operating FroshWash™ once.​
[4]Two identical units were tested for comparison; with and without FrostWash. Test chamber simulated approx. 2 years of dust and oil build up which may be experienced in a typical home environment. Airflow performance was tested before and after being in the chamber. Unit without FrostWash exerpienced an 18% drop in airflow performance. Unit with FrostWash experienced only 6% performance drop. Tested at Johnson Controls-Hitachi Tochigi factory, Japan Nov/Dec 2021.​
[5]ViroSense Z1 filter shows 99.9% of effectiveness against SARS-CoV-2 NIID isolated variant: JPN/TY/WK-521 and 99.0% effectiveness against Influenza A Virus (H3N2) tested at Japan Textile Product Quality and Technology Center using ISO18184:2019 method. ​
[6]Claim refers to the effect of ViroSense Z1 filter which showed 99.0% reduction of Staphylococcus aureus NBRC12732 and Escherichia coli NBRC3301 bacteria particles under lab conditions tested at Nissenken Quality Evaluation Center Japan.​