air365 Max

Vertical discharge VRF solution ​, Heat Recovery or Heat Pump

air365 Max

Vertical discharge VRF solution ​, Heat Recovery or Heat Pump

A cutting-edge VRF system, our air365 Max solution features NFC technology to simplify the daily lives of professionals. It integrates various high-quality components and features for comfort and energy savings.
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Meeting the challenges of decarbonisation in new build

The main challenge is to ensure we give priority to energy efficiency and decarbonisation when constructing new buildings, and to ensure year round comfort and air quality.

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Meeting the challenges of renovation of existing buildings

In terms of renovation of the existing buildings we need to focus on flexibility and the reduction of energy consumption. We need to achieve this while maintaining internal comfort and air quality. The air365 Max VRF meets the requirements.

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NFC technology for commissioning and maintenance

The airCloud Tap application saves time when commissioning and maintaining the air365 Max DRV. This connected tool uses NFC technology to facilitate commissioning and maintenance with easy access to over 140 parameters and functions. The result is 4 times faster configuration of outdoor units1 and 6 times faster data verification via a smartphone, and removes the need to open the outdoor unit's electrical cabinet.

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Improve energy efficiency with a state-of-the-art system

Our solutions are designed to work reliably and efficiently with innovative technology that sets the industry benchmark.

  • Unique 3-row heat exchanger design: Hitachi's exclusive patented sigma-shaped heat exchanger (Σ) features a new structure with a wider height to improve energy efficiency. It contains approximately 6,000 0.1mm aluminium fins and 350 copper tubes.

  • Fluid re-injection scroll compressor: Driven by a DC motor (Inverter), it can operate in small increments of 0.1 Hz, extending the operating temperature range of the outdoor unit in heating mode down to -25°C outdoors and improving energy efficiency.

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Even more energy savings with Smooth Drive Control 2.0

air365 Max is equipped with Smooth Drive Control 2.0. This unique technology modulates the power of the compressor by precisely controlling its speed and measuring the difference between the ambient temperature and the set temperature to within 0.1C. This reduces wear and tear on the compressor by reducing start/stop cycles, ensures a constant indoor temperature and reduces part-load energy consumption by up to 39%2.

Smart Defrost technology to maintain comfort

Patented intelligent detection technology identifies when defrosting is required and instantly adjusts the heat exchanger temperature to eliminate ice and frost.

  • Reduces frequent and unnecessary defrost cycles.

  • Defrost cycle every 250 minutes (i.e. every 4 hours): heat comfort maintained for occupants.

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Flexible, modular installation to suit all projects

The air365 Max DRVs can be used in all types of buildings (retail, hotels, offices) and have the advantage of being modular, combining up to 4 outdoor units for up to 96 HP in twin modules.

Faster configuration

Commissioning and maintenance 4 times faster with airCloud tap. For complex installations, parameters can be copied and pasted across several units.
Operating range

Thanks to the scroll compressor with fluid re-injection, the outdoor temperature operating range is extended to -25°C in heating mode. (-25°C to + 52°C)
3-blade fan

3-blade fan with a structure that improves airflow for low power consumption. Can be ducted for installation in equipment rooms.

Access to over 140 settings via the airCloud tap app to simplify maintenance and commissioning.

[1] The conventional way of opening and closing the cover and manipulating the DIP/power switch takes 40 minutes and 40 seconds. Using airCloud Tap without opening the cabinets: takes 9min 40 sec. [Simulation scenario] total of 4 initial GE settings. total configuration of 5 items; ODU number, refrigerant cycle number, highest ESP setting, power supply setting and compressor manual stop setting.

[2] (in cooling mode, load factor: approx. 33%). Without SmoothDrive; average power consumption 2.46 kW. With SmoothDrive; average power consumption 1.49 kW. GE DRV: (RAS-AP280DG3 = RAS-10FSNS). UI DRV: 4-way cassette indoor units (RCI-AP140K5 = RCI-5.0FSRP). Indoor unit inlet temperature: 27°C (dry bulb) / 19°C (wet bulb). Ambient temperature at ""high"" air volume: 23°C (dry bulb). Length of pipe between indoor unit and outdoor unit: 15 m. Test location: Environmental test facility in Kansai Denryoku


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