airHome H300

Wall Mounted Inverter Heat Pump AC (RAS/RAC-EH-EHLAB/LAE)

airHome H300

Wall Mounted Inverter Heat Pump AC (RAS/RAC-EH-EHLAB/LAE)

The AC you can rely on. The airHome H300 series is ideal for those looking for a reliable and simple air conditioning solution. It includes all the essential features to keep your home comfortable year-round while saving energy.
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Choose between Heat Pump or Cooling Only AC

airHome H300 series can provide a perfect atmosphere in all seasons. During summer, it can cool the room up to 115°˚F ambient. Like all Hitachi AC's, it also offers dry mode to keep the room fresh and healthy during damp days. 
For winter, the heat pump version makes an excellent low-carbon heating solution as it can heat by down to 0°F. 

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Eco Sleep timer: Set the AC to progressively reduce during the night

Before you go to bed, the ‘Eco Sleep Timer’ enables to program the AC to progressively reduce cooling/heating operation. The AC will detect when you fall asleep and will adopt quiet mode and slightly reduce cooling/heating to help you sleep better. 

As you wake up the next morning , the AC detects when you resume activity and reactivates cooling/heating to the initial setting.

4 air purification & self-cleaning technologies inside your AC

The airHome H300 series includes FrostWash self-cleaning feature and other key technologies to help create a healthier environment at home.​

FrostWash self-cleaning process


PM2.5 Active Carbon air purifying filter


Internal clean function keeps components dry


Stainless steel pre-filter


FrostWash self-cleaning process

Our renowned FrostWash technology activates to remove the dirt and mold accumulated on the indoor unit’s heat exchanger coil. ​

It freezes the heat exchanger down to 5ºF to trap pollutants and dust in the ice and then melts them to flush them away. This leaves the unit sanitized and dramatically reduces the possibility of pollutants being spread from the AC unit to throughout the room.​

FrostWash provides dual benefits:​
  • Sanitizing effects: 99% viruses eliminated (1)99% bacteria eliminated (2)95% mold reduction (3)
  • Preservation of airflow capacity: Our tests show that systems with FrostWash are 3×better at maintaining airflow performance than those without this technology. (4)​

PM2.5 Active Carbon air purifying filter

A special Active Carbon air purifying filter is embedded inside the indoor unit to  improve indoor air quality​
Remove 99.00% of particulate matters (5) as small as 2.5μm (micron). ​
Effective against anti-VOC and deodorizes the room, leaving the air fresh, breathable, and clean. ​

Internal clean function keeps components dry

To prevent mold formation inside the indoor unit, whenever the unit is switched off, the indoor unit automatically blows air through internal components to dry them and prevent the build-up of mold – the primary cause of those nasty odors. (6)

Stainless steel pre-filter

All air conditioners include a pre-filter to traps big particles present in the air and prevent them from circulating through the unit. ​
Made of stainless steel, the pre-filter is easy to wash and does not corrode over time, for durable performance.


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Complete DC Power system with Inverter

The airHome’s DC Power system features quieter operation and 10% more efficiency than non-inverter AC systems.​

airHome H300 is equipped with a DC fan motor inside both the indoor unit and outdoor unit, and a DC Inverter compressor for a complete superior performance.​

OPTION: compatible with airCloud Go app

By adding airCloud Home wifi adapter (7), you’ll be able to modify and schedule the air conditioning operation with your phone. airCloud Go app offers smart functionalities that will bring ultimate convenience to you.​

  • Energy cost estimator to monitor costs and receive alerts as you approach your monthly budget limit

  • The Smart-Fence links the AC operation to your location, for automatic turn off or setback when you leave and automatic precooling/preheating when you get home.

  • Voice command via your favorite smart speakers is also available, pairing airCloud Go with Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

More info on airCloud Go here.​

Quiet operation down to 29dB(A)​
​The silent button is a shortcut to switch to quiet slow fan speed, down to 29dB(A). (8)​

Airflow direction control​
​You can select the preferred airflow direction with your remote controller and make it swing vertically. (9) 

Filter cleaning reminder​
To help you maintain the AC performance, an LED indicator on the indoor unit lights up to alert when it’s time to clean the filter.

Powerful mode ​
‘Powerful’ button can be used during heating/cooling operation. It temporarily increases the compressor speed for a faster reach of the desired temperature.


(1) Tested by Kitasato Research Center of Environmental Science. Test No. 2020_0650. Test model: RAS-X22K Reduction effects of virus was observed by operating FroshWash™ once.​
(2) Tested by Kitasato Research Center of Environmental Science. Test No. 2020_0650. Test model: RAS-X22K Reduction effects of bacteria was observed by operating FroshWash™ once.​
(3) Tested by Kitasato Research Center of Environmental Science. Test No. 2020_0650. Test model: RAS-X22K Reduction effects of mold was observed by operating FroshWash™ once.​
(4) Two identical units were tested for comparison; with and without FrostWash. Test chamber simulated approx. 2 years of dust and oil build up which may be experienced in a typical home environment. Airflow performance was tested before and after being in the chamber. Unit without FrostWash exerpienced an 18% drop in airflow performance. Unit with FrostWash experienced only 6% performance drop. Tested at Johnson Controls-Hitachi Tochigi factory, Japan. (5) Combination of Stainless steel pre-filter PM2.5 Active Carbon air purifying filter tested at Johnson Controls-Hitachi Tochigi factory, Japan. Test Method : JEM1467 (The Japan Electrical Manufacturers' Association). Test was done under continuous cooling operation at high fan speed of RAS-VJ24CLT in a room with size of 25m3 and 25℃ for 300 minutes.
(6) The mold guard function can prevent mold growth inside indoor unit but not remove existed mold.
Duration of mold guard operation takes approximately 60min, however it slightly varies depending on models and current temperature/humidity conditions.
(7) Adapter SPX-WFA can be purchased separately, as an additional accessory
(8) 29dB(A) is the sound pressure level of airHome H300 models of 7,000, 9,000 and 12,000 BTU/h cooling capacity in silent mode. Bigger capacity models have a higher noise level.​
(9) For left-right adjustment: deflectors can be adjusted manually​