Heat Pumps & Domestic Hot Water (DHW)

Hitachi's heat pumps efficiently transfer heat from the outside air to water, which can be used for space heating and cooling.

Air-to-Water Heat Pumps for Year-Round Comfort with Hitachi

Hitachi offers a comprehensive range of air-to-water solutions, including both regular and high-temperature heat pumps, monobloc heat pumps that don’t require installation of indoor equipment, combi heat pumps that integrate a water storage tank, and hydro-split solutions designed especially for boiler technicians to install without needing to handle refrigerant.

Connect to existing or newly-installed under-floor heating and radiators to deliver heat, or use our range of fan coils for a year-round integrated heating and cooling solution.

Hitachi’s complete portfolio is easy to integrate, set up and maintain, and offers remote management via a smartphone app.


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Hitachi's Air-to-Water Heat Pumps have a wider ambient operating temperature

Available in 3.0 and 4.0 tons, Yutaki M guarantees constant heating capacity while producing domestic hot water up to 130°F even at low ambient temperatures.
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Hitachi's Air-to-Water Heat Pumps have a wider ambient operating temperature

Homes without existing pipework or underfloor heating, or where it may be difficult to install underfloor heating, can deliver space heating and cooling through our range of fan coil units which blow air over water pipes. Unlike radiators they can be used for both cooling and heating and are effective for heating without need for a high-temperature heat pump.
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Easy installation & maintenance access with simplified pipe layout

The filter valve allows quick cleaning without draining the installation. All the water and refrigerant piping connections are perfectly aligned in the upper section, while most components can be accessed from the front.
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