airH2O Yutaki M

Monobloc air-to-water heat pump

airH2O Yutaki M

Monobloc air-to-water heat pump

Hitachi heat pump are now available to North American homes! Yutaki M is the most suitable solution for low-carbon heating, providing consistent comfort and great energy savings. Harvesting the renewable thermal energy present in the ambient air, the Yutaki M can deliver space heating, space cooling and domestic hot water for complete comfort at home. Available in 3.0 and 4.0 tons
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Monobloc benefits

In a self-contained monobloc heat pump, the refrigerant cycle is sealed within the outdoor unit which is then connected to the heat distribution system via hydraulic connections. 

  • Space saving: There’s no need to install hydraulic module indoors. For outdoors, the compact dimensions of unit make Yutaki M ideal for those situations where limited space is available. Front access to components reduces installation space even further.

  • Easy installation & Service: No refrigerant handling is required! Installation consist in hydraulic and electrical connections only. No leak sensors or shut-off valves are required.

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Keeps your home warm during winters

Hitachi exclusive: New twin-rotary compressor with enhanced vapor injection port maintains high capacities down to low ambient temperatures.

The Yutaki M heat pump can maintain an output up to 140˚F by -4˚F outdoors. For colder days, an embedded electrical back-up automatically ensures effective heating to occupants.

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Also suitable for DHW production & space cooling option

Yutaki M can be combined with a hot water tank indoors to produce the domestic hot water of your home all year long, during and off space heating season. This way, you will save more energy all year long. ​

An anti-legionella program is also available to ensure maximum hygiene of the hot water tank. 

As an option, you can also use Yutaki M heat pump for space cooling, as it can harvest cooling energy from the air up to 114.8˚F outside.

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Low Environmental Impact

The Yutaki M hydronic heat pump is a sustainable alternative to traditional fossil-fuel heating systems. It contributes to the transition to a net zero and low carbon energy future. With the use of low GWP R32 refrigerant at a reduced charge, Yutaki M drastically reduces the CO2 levels that are emitted.

The Yutaki M monobloc heat pump generates more than 4 times more thermal energy than electrical energy used, contributing to reduced energy consumption and costs.

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Controller Options

Advanced Functionality Made Simple

With an intuitive interface and sleek design, the Advanced Colored Wired Remote Controller enables pinpoint control over multiple functions with the click of a button. A simplified menu provides immediate access to the most frequently used functions. Diagrams, graphs, and pictograms make choices intuitive. User-friendly language makes this controller a breeze to use.

Additional benefits:

Ideal for renovations
With its heat output up to 140˚F, it can replace many types of energy-intensive heating systems. 
Silent thermal comfort
Hydronic heating systems are ideal for unnoticeable heating and cooling.


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