Dedicated Outside Air System (DOAS)

1-way Outside Air Ventilation Unit for VRF

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Dedicated Outside Air System (DOAS)

1-way Outside Air Ventilation Unit for VRF

Create a more comfortable, healthy indoor environment with the Dedicated Outside Air System unit which provides 1-way outdoor air ventilation and seamlessly integrates into a ducted VRF system.
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Integrates with the VRF refrigerant loop

The Dedicated Outside Air System (DOAS) is a 1-way ventilation ducted unit which brings fresh outdoor air into indoor spaces. It can pre-cool or heat the outside air using the VRF refrigerant loop. This simplifies control of the overall HVAC system by unifying the outdoor air to the set temperature of the indoor air without need to operate and balance separate ventilation and AC systems. Which in turn means less maintenance issues and easier for businesses to operate when HVAC professionals are not around.

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Suitable for small and mid-sized commercial projects

8 ton (96,000Btu/h) capacity with nominal airflow of 1,236CFM (2,100m3/h) makes it suitable for small and mid-sized commercial premises. Multiple units can be installed in a single space to scale capacity as required. High ESP (external static pressure) of up to 1.24in wg (308Pa) enables use with ducted runs that have multiple turns. Pre-installed condensate pump removes risk of condensation build-up and leakage.

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Seamless control integration with VRF systems

Integrated temperature sensor reads air supply temperature enabling control to be optimized based on outdoor air supply temperature and required indoor temperature. Control can be seamlessly integrated with the overall VRF system control using H-LINK wiring making it easier for building administrators to manage the ventilation system and lock controls from tampering by occupants. Control can be administered from a Hitachi centralized controller, optional wired room controller or handheld remote controller.


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