Central Station Mini

Centralized Controller

Central Station Mini

Centralized Controller

The Central Station Mini enables to monitor up to 160 indoor units / 32 remote control group. With its intuitive display and colorful touchscreen, it’s ideal for building managers and facility managers of small-scale venues.
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All useful AC controls are at hand!

The Central Station Mini includes all the functionalities necessary for the daily management of air conditioning. From temperature to maintenance, users can see and control what’s happening inside their facility.

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Central Station Mini HVAC centralized controller is particularly suited for…

  • Restaurants & cafés

  • Kindergartens

  • Clinics & medical centers

  • Small office building

  • Shops

  • Fitness & gym centers

  • Cultural centers

… and many more!

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Improve comfort inside the building with zone controls

Select the target zones to turn on/off the indoor units or to adjust the temperature setpoint, fan speed, and airflow direction according to your occupant’s needs. Central Station Mini also displays the room temperature (sensed at each indoor unit’s inlet), so you can identify the zone requiring adjustments.

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Programmable AC operation schedule

Use the scheduling function to meet your building’s business needs. Up to 10 slots can be set for each day of the week. You can pre-cool/pre-heat selected rooms before opening hours, and schedule the AC to turn off during the building's vacant hours.


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Supports filter cleaning maintenance

With Central Station Mini, facility managers can always know when an indoor air conditioning unit requires filter cleaning. A filter symbol appears on the screen of the AC controller and indicates which indoor unit requires cleaning.

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Monitor AC errors and malfunctions

In case of malfunction, the users are alerted with a visual alarm symbol, so they’re immediately aware of air conditioning issues. The intuitive controller for AC screen allows accessing the AC error code and time. Save up to 100 errors in the error historical.

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Interlock the AC with up to 6 external input/outputs

Connect 3rd party equipment to the Central Station Mini for a smart air conditioner's building operation. 4 Inputs and 2 outputs ports are available at the back of the Central Station Mini
Example: to improve building safety, add the fire alarm as an external input, so the fire alarm can trigger emergency stoppage of the AC.

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Easy installation via H-LINK

Connect the Central Station Mini to Hitachi air conditioning equipment via the exclusive H-LINK communication system. It enables flexible wiring, connecting at any point of the system. H-LINK is default for Hitachi VRF systems. Other types of Hitachi AC units can be connected using an H-LINK adapter*.

*Confirm compatibility and models with your Hitachi Cooling & Heating representative.

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OPTION: Install multiple Central Stations Mini in one place

Instead of using one large centralized control system, some facility managers of big buildings may prefer to install several Central Station Mini in their office.
See multiple Central Station (EZ model) in Nippondaira Hotel.

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… or one per floor

In other venues, one Central Station Mini can be installed on each floor.
See one Central Station installed on each floor of North Kellyville Public School in Australia.

5.0-inch color touchscreen
The Central Station Mini is an intuitive color code AC controller. Intuitive colour codes of the Central Station Mini AC controller enables users to tell each indoor unit’s operation status easily.
Adjustable display view
Too small or too big? Choose your amongst 3 panel settings to see your preferred amount of details and text size in the screen.
Customizable zone names
With Central Station Mini, users can edit the names of every group and block, for instant recognition.
Lock of room controllers
From Central Station Mini, you can lock entirely or partially the individual remote controllers of each room, to prevent misuse by building occupants.
Display of sensed temperature
Central Station Mini can also inform the temperature sensed at the outdoor unit’s air inlet (ambient air) and indoor unit’s air inlet (room temperature).
Reports of AC usage
Informs the number of accumulated usage hours of the AC system, as well as a focus on hours of thermo-ON operation.

What our customers say?

“The new system now lets us keep each office at consistent temperatures. Each office can control their own temperature range but we can also control all rooms from a master control if needed. Cool air can be sent to one office while another calls for heat at the same time. This also helps in the maintenance of the building since it is no longer being subjected to drastic swings in temperature.”

“Several offices had the radiators on the back wall that would make the people seated nearby too hot so they would also turn on the AC units. This would make the people in the front too cold so they would turn on space heaters!”

Mark Stout, IT Director – Hocking County

Learn more about Hocking County Courthouse  project

Mini Central Controller

Mini Central Controller