LONworks Interface (CLW01)

BMS Gateway Accessory

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LONworks Interface (CLW01)

BMS Gateway Accessory

For integrating an Hitachi HVAC system with a 3rd party building automation system using the LONworks protocol.
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Integrate multiple HVAC systems with LONworks

Supports connection of up to 64 different refrigerant systems, outdoor units or remote control groups. Combine up to 4 LONworks adapters on the same H-LINK wiring system to multiply connection possibilities for large installations and combine with up to 8 Hitachi centralized controllers.

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Control and monitor numerous parameters

Up to 160 indoor units can be connected, controlled and monitored across a range of variables including Run/Stop, Operation Mode, Fan Speed, Temperature Setpoint, limit zone/room controller functions, monitors Thermo Status, Alarm Status and more.

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Mounting options

24V AC-powered. Attaches vertically to a wall using screws or mount onto a DIN rail inside an equipment rack or enclosure.


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